Why the best exhibition stands needn’t be bespoke


When it comes to building your exhibition stand, many people are of the opinion that bespoke is best. However, this is not always the case! Some businesses may be far better off with a pop-up shop or day hire, for example, particularly if the duration of the exhibition is short. That way, they’ll save money […]

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Art exhibition stands are the best place to hang your art


If you are looking for somewhere to display your art, perhaps for an art gallery or other event, then Conex Temporary Walling Systems can provide you with practical art exhibition stands. Our art exhibition stands are created with practicality and ease in mind when it comes to put them up, however, they are also designed […]

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Budget Exhibition Walling Design Ideas

hermes exhibition

One of the most exciting things about putting on an exhibition, whether it is for a personal project, your business, a leisure activity or recreational club, is the fact you can really get creative and wow passing customers and visitors to the exhibition. That said, many individuals, clubs and business worry that their budget is […]

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Choosing portable exhibition walls for your exhibition


Portable exhibition walls are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses of all sizes. High-quality exhibitions are not only reserved nowadays for big brands, in fact, smaller tradespeople often take advantage of an exhibition to spread the word about their product or service and make those all-important sales. Because your exhibition is representing your brand in the […]

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Trade show booth ideas for small budgets

old fashioned sweets

No matter what product your business is selling or service it is providing, it is important, for any business, to stand out from other company’s trade show booths at trade shows. And, for larger companies with a seemingly endless budget, it can seem like a much easier task to create an exhibition booth that stands […]

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What to consider when planning your exhibition stand design

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When you are attending an exhibition, it is essential that you have thoroughly planned your exhibition stand well in advance of the event itself. Perhaps you’ll liaise with colleagues before deciding on the final set-up of your exhibition stand, or perhaps you’ll take the design into your own hands. You’ll of course need to take […]

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The best accessories for exhibition stands to help your business stand out at trade shows

Tradeshow kiosk

Here at Conex Exhibitions, we are experts in creating captivating exhibition stands that are sure to wow exhibition visitors and entice the customers in! Whether you are a new business, representing yourself at your new trade show, or are a dab hand at exhibitions having been doing trade shows for years, we’ve got lots of […]

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Top tips for successful New Year trade show displays


Whatever business you run, you’ll undoubtedly be looking to make a good impression at trade show displays. Trade show displays allow businesses to showcase their products and/ or service to potential clients in a professional atmosphere, and stand out amongst competitors. That said, it is highly important to think carefully about how you will make […]

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