What Are The Most Popular Types Of Exhibition?

While it’s true that exhibitions are popular with different people based on the individual’s profession and/or interests, there is a trend in the most popular types of exhibition formats.  No matter what the theme, for example, sports and fitness, or cookery, of the event, there are generally three types of exhibition:   Industry Trade Exhibitions […]

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What Are The 6 Elements Of Visual Marketing?

Thrill all of your customers’ senses. We’ve compiled our top merchandising tips to grab maximum attention and, of course, sales at your next event. You’re excited to be off to an exhibition, or event, and can’t wait to display your brand’s amazing offerings to the world. Here at Conex, we have years of experience in […]

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What Are The World’s Largest Trade Shows?

What is a trade show? A trade show is essentially a gathering of people from a particular industry to showcase, display, demonstrate and discuss their latest services and wares. Exhibitors hope to connect with new clients, deepen existing relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as network with influencers and members of the media in […]

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10 Tips For Creating Successful Trade Shows Displays

After many years of advising on, creating, and providing the business world with engaging, successful trade show displays, we have gathered a list of tips to think about when planning an exhibition. Tip #1 Research! Gather as much information as possible before starting to nail down the specifics of your display. Consider the basic set-up […]

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UK Trade Show Calendar 2019

UK trade shows calendar 2019

No matter what industry you’re in, if you are a small to medium business, you’ll, no doubt, need to attend a trade show to help advertise your brand. There are thousands of trade fairs that take place across the UK, from catering to sports, to art and gardening. It is essential that you attend one […]

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5 Innovative Ideas For Exhibition Stalls

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In a bustling, competitive exhibition hall, you will want to have the stall which stands out, the stall which attracts a crowd and keeps it. So how do you attract a crowd to your stall? How do you design and equip your space? Here at Conex, we can take care of every detail of your […]

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Our Top 5 Tips For Choosing Exhibition Flooring


When it comes to designing and creating an exhibition, the flooring can often fall to the bottom of the pile. Many business directors do not even consider what exhibition flooring they are going to opt for, until all other elements of the exhibition have been sorted. The result? Flooring that simply doesn’t make the exhibition […]

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