Our Top 5 Tips For Choosing Exhibition Flooring


When it comes to designing and creating an exhibition, the flooring can often fall to the bottom of the pile. Many business directors do not even consider what exhibition flooring they are going to opt for, until all other elements of the exhibition have been sorted. The result? Flooring that simply doesn’t make the exhibition […]

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How to choose the most suitable temporary walling for your business. Do’s and don’ts.

exhibition stand graphics

When it comes to putting on an exhibition it is important to plan it properly. When an exhibition is well-planned, it is undoubtedly clear to the visitors of an exhibition and makes a business appear more reputable. It is essential to ensure your exhibition is engaging, inviting and professional. Temporary walls from Conex can help. […]

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How to make display panels for art shows


If you are an independent artist, starting out in the industry, the likelihood is that you’ll be travelling various locations, displaying your art. Of course, as a start-up artist, you may not have the big budget for hiring art display panels or owning your own professionally made display panels. And while an easel and tables […]

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When was the NEC built

the photography show

Here at Conex Exhibitions, we provide temporary walling systems for various exhibitions situated in many different venues, including, of course, the NEC. While the NEC is famous for holding huge events and being a hub for culture, performance and sales-orientated exhibitions, not many people know about the history of the NEC, including when the NEC […]

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What is pressurized walling?

modern white window

Here at Conex Exhibitions, we are experts in temporary walling for exhibitions and offer high-quality temporary walling for various businesses. From hanging your art to displaying your business products and services, whatever the reason for your exhibition, we have got the right temporary walling for you. As temporary walling experts, we are often asked the […]

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Exhibition Walls for London Exhibitions

disco feber

What better place to hold an exhibition than London? A major location for large exhibitions, London is home to numerous exhibition venues that Conex is proud to be part of. From London Olympia to Earls court, it is no surprise that there is high demand for exhibition walls for various London exhibitions. Event locations in […]

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Our Step-by-Step Guide to Perfect Art Display Stands Solutions

exhibition panels

When it comes to exhibition walling solutions and ideas, we’ve got you covered here at Conex exhibitions. Whether you are a large organisation or a small independent company, our exhibition walling is bound to make your exhibition stands one of the best in the venue! We’re proud to offer a variety of temporary walling solutions, […]

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Why the best exhibition stands needn’t be bespoke


When it comes to building your exhibition stand, many people are of the opinion that bespoke is best. However, this is not always the case! Some businesses may be far better off with a pop-up shop or day hire, for example, particularly if the duration of the exhibition is short. That way, they’ll save money […]

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