5 ways to achieve a sustainable exhibition stand


How do you stand out an exhibition? What can you do to create a point of difference between you and potentially hundreds of other exhibitors, all vying for the attention of the same audience? Well, you could target local audiences, or use illuminated furniture to draw their eyes towards you. You could go all out […]

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A Brief History Of Trade Shows And Exhibitions

large trade show

So, how long have trade shows and exhibitions been going? It’s considerably longer than the International Boat Show, or The Ideal Home Exhibition, although they have both been going for decades. When did traders first start exhibiting their goods? No one can put an exact date on this, but as long as people have been […]

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6 reasons to use illuminated furniture at your exhibition


If you’re showcasing at an exhibition, then you want to maximise your investment both in terms of money and time at an event. Exhibitions and trade shows can be a great way for you to introduce your business to a new range of clients, to showcase your current wares to your existing clients, or simply […]

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11 Reasons Why You Should Exhibit At A Tradeshow

fashion show

Even if you feel your current marketing strategy is reaping rewards there are many reasons to exhibit at a trade show.  Don’t be put off by the daunting prospect of setting up an exhibition. Here at Conex we have years of experience of creating trade stands at all types of venue. So what are the […]

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Why Flooring Choice Can Make Or Break An Exhibition

conex flooring

How long do people take to decide on the ideal flooring for their home? There are so many considerations, it can be tricky to reach a final decision. The same care should definitely be taken when considering flooring options for an exhibition stand. You may have perfected your exhibition design, but neglecting to consider how […]

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Spotlight On Art Exhibitions


We’ve all casually wandered around art exhibitions. Sometimes hosted in permanent galleries or very often in a general use building adapted for the occasion. But have we stopped and thought about how the art is displayed? Exhibiting your art, or showing off other artists in your exhibition, needs to be carefully planned. Firstly, you need […]

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Spotlight On Catering Exhibitions


The catering industry is worth billions to the UK economy. It’s no wonder that catering suppliers are keen to exhibit their wares. It is also no wonder that there are dozens of exhibitions giving them that opportunity. A catering exhibition offers a chance to place your brand front and centre. An exhibition is so much […]

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How To Use Technology In An Exhibition Stand


The ways is which visitors are interacting with exhibitions is changing. Technological advances just keep on coming. With every new clever piece of technology comes a new challenge for exhibitors.  When consulting your exhibition checklist, be sure to include which technological pieces you’d like to include. Know your market and book the exhibition which closely […]

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Trade Show Booth Ideas if Your Budget is Small


Annually, hundreds of thousands of companies take part in trade shows. Some of these companies have huge marketing budgets and are limited with their trade show booth ideas only by their imagination. For smaller businesses, trade show booth ideas are constrained by small budgets. But that shouldn’t mean you can’t make the most of your […]

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