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Looking for temporary flooring hire or exhibition flooring solutions? Conex supply a huge range of products, including raised exhibition flooring, exhibition carpet tiles, outdoor event floors, dance floors, temporary flooring and display flooring. All of our event flooring solutions are available in all manner of colours and finishes. Find laminate, illuminated, flexible tiles, giant carpet tiles and exhibition carpet tiles amongst our stocks.

Want temporary flooring for parties? Or maybe you need temporary giant carpet tiles for a wedding or event? No sweat. We will supply flooring solutions for any occasion, in any shape or size.

Perhaps you need marquee flooring or a dance floor? Or possibly outdoor event flooring such as a walkway to transfer guests safely around your event? Or a temporary outdoor floor covering to provide access to catering lorries and other heavy goods vehicles? Whatever temporary outdoor flooring you need and whatever your tastes or budget, we can help.


Ground Protection and Flooring Hire is Important

Just as exhibition walling, stands and other temporary walling are essential, so is an event flooring system. Exhibition flooring maybe only temporary, but it needs to look great. It also needs to be easy to install and uninstall at a moment’s notice. If there are any technical issues, if there’s a change in style or if it’s the end of the exhibition, you want the dismantling process to be simple and quick as possible.

Why Temporary Flooring Hire?

When arranging large outdoor events, you’ll need suitable temporary outdoor flooring. You want your exhibition flooring solutions to stop ground erosion from extra footfall. We offer strong ground coverings, for all outdoor event flooring requirements, that will suit all budgets and time scales. We turn projects around fast and meet even the tightest of deadlines.

Outdoor events like festivals require robust, top-quality grass protection, and this is where our outdoor event flooring solution is second to none. Outdoor event flooring is essential to protect the ground covering and also to lessen overload, slippage and corrosion.


Whether you’re organising a huge corporate event or small garden party, our temporary flooring products are all about safety, ground protection and aesthetics. With many years in the walling and flooring industry, we understand the conditions and restraints that event organisers face.

We’re here to make your job easier. We’ll offer you the perfect exhibition flooring solutions for your temporary event, whenever you need it, without breaking the bank.

Types of Flooring

Let’s look at some of our temporary flooring available:

Exhibition Carpet

  • Cost effective
  • Available in carpet tiles and temporary giant carpet tiles
  • Large variety of colours / shades
  • High-grade carpets look great short-term, but aren’t designed for long-term use
  • The high level of choice helps match company colours


  • Ideal for display flooring at trade shows and exhibitions
  • Easily installed
  • Large variety of colours, shades and also patterns
  • Reusable – reducing cost and waste, thereby saving you money

Illuminated Flooring

  • Display flooring like animated floors can be used to display anything, logos are commonly used
  • Excellent for attracting customer attention
  • Can be used to show different areas of your stand using colour coordination

Flexible Tiles

  • Rubber based
  • Soft
  • Easy to install
  • Available in carpet tile form, temporary giant carpet tiles or rolls

Why Flooring Hire?

The exhibition flooring you choose is as important as any other part of your stand. Try and match the exhibition flooring solution you have chosen with your brand’s colours. This is a great way to lure customers to your stand.

People remember visual information a lot easier than written information. Writing is a fairly new concept to humans. Vision, on the other hand, has been around for millions of years and has adapted over time. Plus a picture paints a thousand words. So if you want to leave a lasting positive impression with your customers, make sure the event flooring that you opt for, is the best exhibition flooring solution you can have.


People will remember your brand’s colours. So, use this idea to your advantage when choosing your exhibition flooring. Use colouring in your event flooring that’s in line with your brand. The same can be said for lighting and temporary walling.

And remember, display flooring is just as important as any other part of your exhibition stand.

Why Hire Flooring Systems from Us?

You have enough to fret about when organising an event. Let us take care of the temporary flooring coverings. We provide a complete range of hire services to match your personal needs. Whether it’s raised exhibition flooring, outdoor event flooring, dance floors or temporary giant carpet tiles, whatever you’re after, we have you covered.

We have lots of experience working with festivals, live music events, sports events, trade exhibitions and other types of temporary events.

Conex’s aim is to earn your repeat trade, so our loyalty starts when you first contact us. Our friendly team of event flooring experts will talk with you to find out which of our many event flooring solutions are right for you. We’ll help you pull off your event or project on time and under budget.

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