How to make an impact in 7 seconds


Are you planning an exhibition this year and wondering how to make an impact? If you’ve used our ultimate checklist you’ll have chosen exactly the right show and know your audience. Armed with that information and with you and your staff prepared, it’s time to plan the stand itself.

You need to make an impact quickly to stop visitors and delegates simply drifting past.

Out with the old

For years, exhibition stands have been formulaic. More and more exhibitors are realising this and looking for that new angle on their displays. Those sticking to the old styles are being walked past. Think about how you can shake things up with the first impression you present.

Smooth curves

Curves not only gently introduce themselves to the visitor, unlike the harsh angles of a square stand, but they offer opportunities to play with graphics. Carefully worked out lines of approach gives you a chance to smoothly and gradually reveal a message as visitors ride the curve. Preparation is everything, make your message work for you.

Be a lightweight

It really isn’t necessary to have carpenters spending hours, if not days, assembling and taking down your wooden framed stand. Time and money can be saved by using lightweight materials such as aluminium. The modular nature of an aluminium stand gives you the advantage of varying the displays. Not only that, the old style wooden structures were often bespoke to that one particular exhibition venue. Lightweight, modular stands are much more flexible in their design and can often be modified to suit any venue or stand size.

Clear and concise message   

Make the first thing a visitor encounters be brief but important. Those first few words or images should generate a curiosity which people just have to satisfy. Hint at the way your brand is going to make visitors’ lives better, but leave them needing to follow the path into your stand to satisfy their curiosity.


Size does (and doesn’t) matter

It is easy to make the argument that big is better. And a large, impactful message will certainly grab the attention. Gaudy and obvious attention seeking can sometimes be a turn off, so work hard on making any large message have an impact to match its size. Small can be beautiful though. Make the size match your brand, a simple message, in a plain font, but on a blank canvas can sometimes be just as impactful as something huge. 


Go live!

Front your stand with demonstrations, presentations, anything which shows you are proactive. You are actually giving your audience content, real people being interesting will always trump artificial digital displays. You’ll be more memorable and should encourage conversations about your brand.


Whatever your ideas for your exhibition stand, we can help you make those first 7 seconds count. Get in touch today and let’s start building your perfect display.



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