A range of Plinths are available – Starting from £30


Our exhibition display plinths come in a huge array of sizes and styles, and best of all, they come at competitive rates. No more wishing you could have the display of your dreams, now you can. You can rent any of our display stands for any exhibition that you are attending in the UK – London, the NEC Birmingham, Manchester, Stornoway. It doesn’t matter, we have you covered.

We offer a wide range of display stands including art gallery display pedestals. These are an effortless, economical and attractive way to display your products, allowing you to easily publicise and display products at exhibitions, art galleries, museums, auctions, showrooms, even wedding receptions.

But if you’re keen to really make your exhibition stand out, we can create matching art plinths for you to use too. Not just that, we supply iPad housing, sculpture stands and much more.

Essentially, whatever you need, we have the ideal exhibition plinths for your event, even wooden plinths for art displays. Worried about your carbon footprint? Don’t be, all of our stands are manufactured in the UK around your exact specifications.

What Are Exhibition Display Plinths?

So, what is a plinth, exactly?

Technically speaking, exhibition plinths are heavy bases supporting statues, vases or products. Remember that statue you saw in a stately home or museum? It perhaps featured a royal figure set in the marble. Well, the stand beneath it was a plinth.

And our portable exhibition plinths are basically simple stands onto which your product is placed. We guarantee that your artwork or product will be displayed in style, so it gets noticed.

Why Hire Plinths?

Display cases are a great choice if you need to present items at a relatively short event. Quite simply, if you’re holding a product launch, you’ll want to pop your product on a pedestal, and what better way to promote it than via an exhibition plinth?

To suit your brand or event, we can adjust the look of any of our exhibition plinth stands with a different paint colour, apply graphics and offer an array of sizes, to match your requirements.

We offer a whole host of bespoke plinths in a variety of styles and designs. Discover hexagonal, square, round and octagonal plinths for hire.

Not sure which shape of plinth to go for? Square plinths are a popular choice, largely owing to their clean lines and sophisticated look. They also work well for displaying historic items or sculptures in museums. You could even opt for a plinth featuring mouldings on the top and bottom for a more authentic, artistic look.

About Exhibition Plinth Hire

We provide plinth hire in London, Birmingham and all across the UK from Lands End to John O’Groats. We even offer a delivery, installation and removal service to make the process super smooth for you.

Costs depend on how many plinths you hire and what location you’re in. Of course, you’re more than welcome to collect our wooden plinths and set them up yourself, we can show you how.

Our UK Display Plinths Can be Used:

  • To present your products at trade shows. They are ideally suited to showcase jewellery, watches, electronics and the like. Our plinth stands can be customised with your branding, to truly make your product stand out from the crowd.
  • For media moments. When you want to highlight something for the media, make it the focal point on one of our pedestals.
  • As a walk around display, in a window/against a wall. Turn your whole display into a piece of art, not just the art it is housing.
  • As desks/small demonstration tables at exhibitions. Create a point of difference and don’t just use your plinth stand as a pedestal, prove its functionality and incorporate it into your demonstration.
  • As meet-and-greet stations. Tables are so dull, whereas illuminated, LED lit, spray painted display stands are eye catching and memorable.
  • As branded boxes to stand on, often called ‘podiums’. Make your very own soap box out of a branded plinth.
  • At your own hired display. Whether you’re promoting your own work, hosting a coffee morning or holding a book launch, exhibition plinths will add a level of sophistication and occasion to your event, that you didn’t know you were missing.
  • In galleries. Give your artwork a decent send off. Ditch the boring displays and get unconventional with our eye catching display light boxes.
  • At weddings. Want to display childhood pictures of the bride and groom? Or maybe you want somewhere prominent for the wedding cake? Make your wedding a day to remember with these unique, personal touches.
  • For museum exhibitions. Want that temporary exhibition to wow visitors? With our illuminated display plinths you’ll certainly do that.
  • As point of sale displays. Keen to encourage browsers to buy? Give them something to gravitate towards.

Customised Display Plinths

Did you know you can make your display stands as eye catching and unique as your event? You can paint our exhibition plinths in any colour you like, including standard white and black colours, as well as spray painted. Simply send us your artwork, and we’ll sort the rest. Naturally, the white art plinths can be branded pre-delivery.

All our exhibition plinths are prepared and painted to a fine finish before delivery. They’re wrapped for protection and delivered on flatbed trolleys – with care. Our custom plinths can be created for you in any size or colour. Just let us know.

What Size Plinths for Hire Do You Have Available?

Plinth stand units are available to order in a range of sizes and finishes. You’ll find small plinths (cube plinths) in 450mm x 450mm sizes, round plinths as well as column plinths. The latter can be illuminated and branded. We also offer a variety of acrylic plinths.

Additionally, we have a variety of white plinths for sale, in all sorts of sizes. They range from 1000mm height x 500mm wide to 2400mm height x 1000mm wide.

We Offer Some Great Display Plinths for Sale

In our plinth rental section, you’ll discover a whole host of plinth types, including:

  • Weddings plinths
  • Pedestals which can be either joined/placed next to one another
  • Museum plinths
  • Sculpture plinths
  • Black plinths

Complement Your Plinth Displays UK

We even offer Lighting and AV to brighten up your wood plinth. Your gallery or exhibition will no doubt stand out in the best possible light! What’s more, we offer a range of LED Illuminated Furniture such as illuminated giant wine glasses, poser tables, Christmas trees and more.

If you need some temporary walling to go behind your plinth, look no further than our Art Display Walls, Exhibition Stands and Wipe Walls. Or improve your display with additional extras, such as ropes, poles, doorways and walling feet.


Bespoke plinths can be created for you in any sizes and colours – just let us know! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please call today on 0845 50 55 300. We’ll be happy to help you with your exhibition plinth hire enquiry.

Illuminated Plinth Hire

80cm tall – £50.00

110cm tall – £65.00

Round Plinths

100mm h x 500mm d – £40.00

500mm h x 500mm d – £40.00



Plinth – current stock Sizes:

All sizes available in standard white, for black add £20.00
For other colours please call: 0845 50 55 300
1000mm h x 500mm wide – £45.00
1000mm h x 1000mm wide – £80.00
800mm x 300mm – £40.00
500mm x 500mm – £30.00
1200mm x 500mm – £55.00
1200mm x 400mm – £50.00
1200mm x 450mm – £50.00
1500mm x 500mm – £60.00
2400mm x 1000mm – £100.00 (catwalk plinth)

Delivery, Installation and Removal

We offer a delivery, installation and removal service, the costs depend on how many plinths you hire and the location. You are also welcome to collect our plinths and set the up your self.

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