2040mm x 920mm x 40mm
£16 each per week


What Are Art Display Walls?

Our art display stands are slightly shorter in height than our standard gallery walling and offer a versatile and flexible solution for installations in venues where ceiling height is restricted or space is limited. Finished in white paint, our art display walling is a budget-friendly alternative to our gallery wall.

What Are Art Display Boards Used for?

Used primarily by charities and artists funding their own exhibitions, art exhibition stands are, as with all our other temporary walling, fire rated and stable and perfect for public venues like hotels, village halls and schools.

art gallery wall

Unlike most other gallery walling panel companies, we’re happy for you to screw, pin, nail and stick directly on to our panels, as we give them a complete makeover when they’re returned to us. But don’t worry, all our art display stands & panels are then fully checked, filled, sanded and repainted as necessary, all ready for the next installation.

Why Buy Art Display Walls?

Whether you want to display notices, bulletins, artwork or products, art display stands can help your public space to stand out and look smart. Use the walls in local councils, libraries, reception areas, museums, offices, universities, churches, schools, businesses, charities – the list is endless!

The art display panels come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be customised with graphics and effects. You even have the option of adding lighting and AV as well as additional extras like ropes, poles and walling feet.

art display

Unique and eye-catching, art display walls are an effective marketing tool for your company, not to mention an incredibly good investment for you. As well as providing you with versatility, they’re also ideal for any event or tradeshow – or even your office, offering you multiple panels of display boards to showcase the full breadth of your company’s branding and the services you offer.

What’s more, you’re able to use the display board panels either vertically or horizontally, and with a whole host of sizes and kits, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

What Are the Benefits of Art Exhibition Stands?

Some of the advantages of art exhibition stands include:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Portable and durable
  • Bespoke sizes available
  • Assembly is effortless

Our art display panels are made so you can set up your temporary walling in no time, meaning you can spend more time presenting and marketing your brand, its products and services.

Art Display Panels & Painting Display Stands

Need your art display board a different colour?

If you require the art exhibition display boards / panels in a different colour to work in line with your event’s theme or the building’s interior, we can provide you with an alternative finish, please just get in touch and let us know the details of your project. We are also able to add full length print to the panels, all you need to do is send us your design file either as a high resolution image or vector (preferably PDF, PSD, EPS or Ai) and we will print and fit either in our warehouse or onsite. To discuss your requirements through with us please call on 0845 50 55 300

Black display panels

Popular for displaying photography, our black display panels are the ideal alternative solution for those who require a backdrop that provides a darker, contrasting background. View more details on black display panel

Delivery, Installation and Removal

We offer a flexible service from single art display panels through to a full gallery installation. We can deliver, install, dismantle and remove from site including the delivery and removal of any artwork or exhibits you may wish us to transport. Costs depend on the quantity of panels ordered, schedules and location of venue, please contact us for further detail.

Additional features for art display wall

Lighting solutions
Shelves and plinths for display of artwork
iPad table
Plinth hire
Illuminated table hire
Illuminated hollow cubes

Art Display Wall