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10 Tips For Creating Successful Trade Shows Displays

April 1, 2019 /
Conex /
Display At Trade Show

After many years of advising on, creating, and providing the business world with engaging, successful trade show displays, we have gathered a list of tips to think about when planning an exhibition.


Tip #1 Research!

Gather as much information as possible before starting to nail down the specifics of your display. Consider the basic set-up of your exhibition stand, as well as available lighting, electrical points and whether you need to hire exhibition flooring.

Tip #2 Make the most of space.

Maximise the space. Is there access to hang signs or other material from the ceiling? Space should be prioritised for showing off your skills and/or branding. Or perhaps for your visitors to enjoy.

Make sure areas are neat and planned. Don’t randomly add items without purpose.

Tip #3 Display a clear brand message.

You should know your brand and portray a clear message to exhibition visitors.

From top to bottom, and in every visible corner of your trade stand, your visitors should be clear of your brand and its message.

Tip #4 Stand out.

Stand out. It sounds like a cliche, but find a way to attract attention. Being the brightest, noisiest or even wackiest amongst your neighbours in the hall will give you a head start. Be sure to keep professionalism intact though!


Tip #5 Tell your brand’s story.

Why not consider telling your brand’s story as a picture board? Images from a company’s development can become real conversation starters. If your product allows for it, hang an actual example of your work from the backdrop.

Tip #6 Make sure the products can be seen.

Products could be placed in an upright position. People passing a stand where examples are laid flat on a table are likely to walk straight on by. Using a cake stand style of tiered display mounts, tall, thin glass units or simple props can create an initial impression.

Tip #7 Continue to engage with customers beyond the tradeshow.

Think about how you will engage with potential customers away from the tradeshow. It can be beneficial to connect social media campaigns to your display stand. Logos, relevant hashtags and infographics can all be used, both at the tradeshow itself and for a digital presence.

Tip #8 Follow trends.

Don’t be a sheep, but do follow trends. If your marketplace is being driven by a particularly eco-friendly customer base, show that you care too. The prominent use of environmentally friendly packaging, paper and pencils shows how you’ve considered the effects of your business on the world without having to shout about it.


Tip #9 Think about customer attention span.

Think about attention span. If people have dozens of displays to peruse, they are going to want to work out if they’re interested in your brand quickly. The most visible, eye-catching story on your display needs to be gripping enough to be quickly absorbed by your potential customers.

Tip #10 Think about the full picture.

Consider uniforms or branded clothing. It is both the exhibition and the staff working on it that give the first impression to potential customers.

Make sure your staff are both well-trained and well-presented.


Temporary Walling from Conex

Exhibitions take a lot of planning. Therefore, it is good to know that Conex can take care of your temporary walls.

That way you can focus on what you are going to include in your exhibition to really capture customer attention.