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11 Reasons Why You Should Exhibit At A Trade Show

October 24, 2019 /
Conex /
Exhibition At A Trade Show

You Should Exhibit At A Trade Show

Even if you feel your current marketing strategy is reaping rewards there are many reasons to exhibit at a trade show. 

Don’t be put off by the daunting prospect of setting up an exhibition. Here at Conex we have years of experience of creating trade stands at all types of venue.

So what are the main reasons for exhibiting at a trade show?

  • Face To Face Marketing.

Trade shows are a great opportunity to put faces to names. This works both ways, potential customers can feel they are dealing with real people. When industrys gather from around the world, these exhibitions may be the only chance you’ll get to meet face to face.

  • Research Your Competition.

You’ll be standing alongside other players in your field. Use this opportunity to measure yourself against some of the giants in the industry. You can also have a nose at what developments your competitors are working on.

  • Generate Sales And Leads.

If you are at the right show then the hall should be full of your potential customers. You should be aiming to leave with many new contacts and leads. It is also a great opportunity to close out sales with existing customers face to face.

  • Build Lasting Industry Relationships.

Take the opportunity to meet professionals within your industry and become part of their communities and networks. With both competitors and complementary businesses, these networks make the industry stronger.

  • Showcase New Products And Services.

Investment in a creative trade stand display offers the perfect platform to launch new products and services from your brand. Customers will feel they have jumped the queue if they can try out your offerings before they have been released elsewhere.

  • Exposure In An Exhibition Guide.

Most trade shows produce a guide or catalogue. Every attendee will be handed one of these, offering you an opportunity to show your message to a very specific audience. It is certainly worth considering paying for further exposure in this publication.

  • Listen To Customer Feedback.

Priceless data and feedback can be obtained at trade shows. With direct access to delegates, you have the chance to canvass opinion about your products and services and customers’ impressions.

  • Recruit New Staff And Contractors.

There will be a hall full of visitors who have knowledge of your industry. If you are looking to recruit specialised staff or looking for sub contractors to supply your business, the exhibition is an opportunity to tempt others to join you on your brand’s journey. 

  • Explore New Partnerships.

With businesses of all sizes in attendance, there may well be opportunities to work on forming partnerships to jointly develop products and services. These partnerships can be much better fostered in person.

  • Boost Brand Visibility.

Well thought out, branded exhibition stands can really boost your brand’s visibility. Remember to have some pens and other goodies to hand out. The trade show is also a chance to push all of your social media channels. A quirky selfie frame will encourage visitors to share your brand’s imagery.

  • Move Excess Stock And Inventory. 

If you have an excess of stock, possibly due to be superseded, use the trade show to offer bulk discounts or even offer free samples. You’ll be creating storage capacity whilst putting your brand directly into the customers’ hands.

There are many positive reasons for getting your brand into trade shows and exhibitions. Using Conex to support you in the planning, setting up and delivering of your exhibition can take much of the headache out of the process.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help create the perfect trade stand.