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5 Tips To Consider When Hiring A Temporary Exhibition Stand

May 16, 2016 /
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Should Hire A Temporary Exhibition Stands

Exhibitions are an extremely valuable way to market your brand whether you are an established large company, small business, artist or creator. Whether you are exhibiting in a small boutique venue or a huge exhibition centre, hiring the right temporary exhibition stand with the most wonderfully designed temporary exhibition walls is the only way to give your brand the face that it deserves. This, along with the clever accessories and cool and discreet lighting will make your brand look polished and professional.

The great thing about temporary exhibition walls is that they can be arranged however you desire. They are flexible, so once you have sat and discussed the venue requirements with us at Conex, we can figure out the best way to position the walls according to human traffic through the venue and the exhibition stand position you have been allocated. The fact that they are temporary and flexible gives us so much scope for some super layouts.

Another bonus with Conex temporary exhibition walls is that you don’t have to worry about setting them up! Prior to the event, our team will have done their research. They will know where to park, unload, enter the premises, find the exhibition stand position, buy the coffee and set up the stand like well-oiled machines! The lighting, the illuminated furniture, the music, the shelves, the blob coffee tables and curved seating will all be laid out for you, exactly to plan, leaving you to be sharp and focused, ready to discuss your brand with all the lovely exhibition wanderers!

So how do you really reap the rewards of your temporary exhibition stand? Here are our top 5 tips!


Adorn your exhibition stand with your company logo for all the world to see. Discuss this in your initial brief with Conex and we can add your logo to each of the temporary exhibition walls if desired. Brand presence is crucial!


You really don’t want to have a beautiful exhibition stand that is all cluttered. Be mindful that if you’re selling then you will need to add some sort of storage facility to your stand to keep some stock back. Your bag and phone and car keys will not make your exhibition stand shine! Pop them into the storage section.


Make potential customers feel comfortable during lengthy chats. Add some seating to your stand. Even better, make it light up! We have some fantastic illuminated furniture that can add a really nice touch to any exhibition stand.


Before people start arriving at the exhibition, take a moment to walk the walk. Walk through the exhibition as if you are a visitor. What will they see first when they approach your stand? Make sure your company logo is visible, coffee cups are hidden and lay out any striking visuals so that they are immediately seen as potential customers walk by.


You don’t have to just have plain white walls, though they are extremely crisp, clean and effective. Black temporary walling may show off your brand better or suit the chosen venue. Company logos on the temporary walls is always a winner as are images printed on the exhibition walls. Take time during the briefing and planning to decide which exhibition walls will have the most impact.