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5 Ways That You Can Use Temporary Walling

April 12, 2016 /
Conex /
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Valentino On Exhibition Show

Ways To Use Conex Temporary Walling

Here at Conex, we have hired out our temporary walling for a multitude of uses. From creating café/diners at exhibitions through to pop up shops, to just hiding the unbeautiful at a wedding. Hiring temporary walling really can solve a variety of problems and what is more, it is so simple and straightforward!

Our exhibition walls and temporary walls meet the requirements of all the major venues such as the Birmingham NEC, Kensington Olympia and Earls Court Exhibition Centre. Some even have doorways with lockable doors for any exhibitions that are left overnight. With all the accessories that we offer, our temporary walling can be magically transformed. Here are some of our favourite uses of temporary walling systems.

1] A pop up café / diner

From a pop up Hollywood Diner to a rustic Coffee House, our temporary exhibition walls perfectly create the shell of an exhibition stand / booth and they leave the door wide open for getting creative! Our exhibition walls are solid and robust and come at 2.5m, 2.4m and 3m tall and 1m wide and are fire retardant. Adding things like wooden wall murals, hanging café lights, greenery and blooms can create a perfectly tranquil coffee house. Retro neon signs, bright lights, bar stools and a juke box busting out Ritchie Valens? and bang, you have a retro Hollywood diner!

2] Art Display

Exhibiting art on temporary walling could not be simpler. We have some fabulous choices of temporary walling that are just perfect for art displays and exhibitions.

Our gallery walls are temporary walls whereby the panels use an interlocking mechanism which is quick and easy to install and dismantle. Despite the fact that they are locked together, we can make them seamless too if required. Just let us work our magic! Once installed, you are free to screw, pin, nail or stick directly onto the panel. You can use them for a single art display panel or a full temporary gallery installation. The look will be immaculate and professional, the perfect setting to show off the art itself.

Another option to display your art is our art display wall. They too are temporary walls, shorter than the gallery walls at 2.04 metres tall and 920 mm wide, ideal for venues with lower ceiling heights and are a cheaper alternative to gallery walls. Like gallery walls, the art display walls can be pristine white or customised to your hearts content.

From £16 each per week, they are extremely affordable for any type of art exhibiting.

3] Pop up shop

Our temporary walling can create such beautiful pop up shows at exhibition venues that you will completely forget that you are in such a venue! Whatever your budget, once you let your creative buds flow there really are no limits to what you can achieve. Portraying the brand is super important but adding a bit of glamour and cool or total professionalism is also easy to achieve.

Our slat walls are great for temporary retail spaces either as display walls or point of sale. At 2.4m high and 1m wide they are available in white and come with all the necessary hanging pegs and shelves. We have standalone slat walls which are perfect for an island or pillar display. They, like all of our temporary walls, are flame retardant and can link to become as big a space as you require.

The colour of our temporary walls can be customised, art work can be hung, dramatic, discreet or cosy lighting added, whether on the walls or as a stunning lighting centre piece, not forgetting our illuminated furniture, which will always look fabulous and impressive. Why not make like Valentino and add a thousand stick on butterflies! (This wasn’t a Conex exhibition stand but we love it all the same) The options are endless!

4] Hiding the ugly at your wedding

You have found the most stunning ceremony or reception space for your wedding but something just sticks out and doesn’t look right. Whether that be a view, a boiler or a toilet sign, why not use a temporary wall and beautify it, to make not only a glorious feature but to also hide the ugly! Think photographs, fairy lights, a million colourful paper rosettes! Pimp up the temporary wall to suit yourselves and your wedding theme!

5] Photo shoot backdrop

You have the big bright windows to create the perfect lighting but the walls are grubby and you don’t want to stick up a white piece of board, you want to get creative. So, why not choose a temporary wall and add a mural, an image of a city landscape, balloons, blooms or fluffy clouds. You get the picture! Add anything you like to create the look that you have in mind. Whether you require a standalone wall or several walls interlocked, the effect will be completely seamless and ready for you to get your innovative juices flowing!