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5 Ways To Achieve A Sustainable Exhibition Stand

December 3, 2019 /
Conex /
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How do you stand out an exhibition? What can you do to create a point of difference between you and potentially hundreds of other exhibitors, all vying for the attention of the same audience?

Well, you could target local audiences, or use illuminated furniture to draw their eyes towards you. You could go all out and create a showstopper by hiring the best flooring for an exhibition stand, or you could opt for a sustainable exhibition stand.

Why create a sustainable exhibition stand?

A sustainable exhibition stand you might ask, how on earth can you bring sustainability into exhibiting?

It might surprise you to learn that according to a recent survey by World Travel Market, in every tonne of waste that is produced after an exhibition, over 70% of it is caused by non-recyclable materials. A further 20% is due to poor planning by both exhibitors and organisers, over estimating the amount of resources they required. The rest is unavoidable waste.

So if you want to make an impact at your next exhibition, you could go all out and ignore your contribution to environmental damage, or, you could go choose to lead the way and have as your point of difference, your dedication to being environmentally friendly.

So just how do you pull off exhibiting and demonstrating your environmentally friendly, sustainable credentials? Here are 5 ways to achieve a sustainable exhibition stand.

  1. Opt for a reusable stand.
    Yes you can go all out and create a one off, bespoke exhibition display stand for each and every show you go to, but that isn’t sustainable, or affordable. Or you could invest in a reusable exhibition stand, one that you can reuse for each exhibition you exhibit at. Not only is this option more cost effective for you in the long run, it will also aid your marketing efforts because you will consistently display the same stand at every show you attend. That doesn’t mean that you have to know how to fit or construct the equipment, Conex can help you with all aspects of your exhibition stand display from the design of the stand through to the installation and dismantling of it at each venue. Plus, modular exhibition stands tend to made from lightweight aluminium making them easy to dismantle at the end of an exhibition and transport, as well as being easily assembled due to their modular nature. Plus, aluminium is 100% recyclable, so you’re not just opting for a purse friendly display solution, you’re opting for an environmentally friendly one too.
  2. Hire your display.
    If you don’t want to invest in an exhibition stand, why not hire one? Not only will you save yourself money from investing in a stand that you may not need to use more than once, you are also doing your bit for the environment by reusing an existing product, turning what could be a disposable commodity into a reusable one. And if you’re worried that you can’t make a rented exhibition stand your own, think again. You can hire all aspects of your exhibition display, meaning you can configure your stand exactly how you want it. You can then make it uniquely yours through your choice of marketing materials, roller banners and posters, for example. Or bespoke lighting and AV.
  3. Use LED light solutions.
    Talking about lighting and AV, LED lights and illuminated furniture are a great way of capturing anyone’s attention in a busy exhibition hall. But the benefits of incorporating LED light solutions into your exhibition stand go beyond just being eye catching. LED lights are extremely energy efficient, making them the optimum choice not just for reduced energy requirements at your exhibition, but they’re long lasting too, so you’re not just investing in the environment when you use LEDs, you’re saving money too. Look out for the traffic light system colour coded energy efficiency guides on the back of all your electrical equipment and only use models that have an A++ or A+++ energy efficiency rating.
  4. Sustainable graphics.
    Concerned your choice of graphics are damaging your environmentally friendly intentions? One way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability is by using recyclable or recycled graphic substrates to display your marketing messaging. Substrates such as honeycomb board or BioBoard are rigid substrates made from 100% recyclable materials, or why not opt for printing on recycled cardboard? And when it comes to printing, don’t forget to use eco-friendly printing processes. Avoid anything petroleum based or solvent based, instead choose printing processes that are solvent free or that use waterless ink, thereby eliminating the release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere during the drying phase.
  5. Rethink your choice of giveaways.
    Yes, free bottled water might be an effective gimmick, considering that most exhibitions are hotter than the sun and with the plethora of lit up stands, the temperature is only set to rise. But think about the environmental impact of dishing out copious amounts of plastic bottles. Why not hire a water cooler and issue sustainably sourced paper cups instead? And instead of throwing branded plastic pens at attendees, why not use recyclable materials such as bamboo or wood alternatives? Or even branded coconuts?


Why should you be concerned about achieving a sustainable exhibition stand?

According to recent research, over ⅓ of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase from a socially and environmentally responsible brand than one that isn’t. So make the small changes and give your consumers what they want.

Can you afford to turn your back on 33% of your potential customers?