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Budget Exhibition Walling Design Ideas

August 11, 2017 /
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One of the most exciting things about putting on an exhibition, whether it is for a personal project, your business, a leisure activity or recreational club, is the fact you can really get creative and wow passing customers and visitors to the exhibition.

That said, many individuals, clubs and business worry that their budget is too small to make a display that appears as they would like it to, however, here at Conex Temporary Walling Systems we are well aware that most businesses have a strict budget, yet can still put on a good exhibition stand.

Therefore, we have highlighted a few budget exhibition walling design ideas below to show that budget exhibitions can still be brilliant (even if that budget may not be a large one!)!


Creating posters, either graphic design posters on the internet or a handmade poster, is a cost-effective way of attracting visitors to your stand and also displays a clear brand message.

You can incorporate your brand’s logo and colours, or even create posters of brighter colours to attract more attention to your stand.

Eye catching walkways

Combining brightly coloured, or even sparkling, walkways with low exhibition walls is, most definitely, a sure-fire way of making your exhibition even more striking and will capture the attention of passer’s by.

While carpet is a cost-effective flooring solution that you can choose in a variety of vibrant colours, another option is also sparkling laminate tiles. Sparkling tiles add glamour to your exhibition and work really well in large exhibition venues.

Drinks and canapes

We’re not talking champagne and caviar here, you can make simple tea, coffee and biscuits or, if preferred, purchase a budget case of simple aperitif like Prosecco or Asti.

A complimentary drink (whatever it is!) is a great way of enticing more customers towards your exhibition stand.

Black exhibition walling

Black exhibition walling is not hugely expensive in comparison to white walls and, most definitely, makes for a dramatic exhibition stand.

Opting for a simple black exhibition wall and combining it with illuminated flooring can make your exhibition stand out significantly from the crowd.

Budget Video

If you have a screen hired for your exhibition, then why not put together a simple video that highlights your brand, purpose of your exhibition or company message?

An interesting video will encourage people to stop and watch, and can be a good way to start talking to potential customers, without seeming too pushy or ‘sales-y’.

More Budget Exhibition Walling Design Ideas from Conex Temporary Walling Systems

Here at Conex, our temporary walling systems cater for a range of businesses, no matter what their budget. Whether you are looking black walls, curved walls, wipe walls, exhibition flooring and more, we can help you create a brilliant budget exhibition walling design here at Conex.