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Choosing Portable Exhibition Walls For Your Exhibition

June 29, 2017 /
Conex /
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Portable exhibition walls are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses of all sizes. High-quality exhibitions are not only reserved nowadays for big brands, in fact, smaller tradespeople often take advantage of an exhibition to spread the word about their product or service and make those all-important sales.

Because your exhibition is representing your brand in the public eye, it is essential that your exhibition stand is professional and sophisticated in appearance, even if it is a temporary exhibition, that you’ll be packing away and moving in day or two’s time.

At Conex, we stock a range of high-quality, professional temporary exhibitions walls and movable art gallery walls that will ensure that your exhibition offers nothing but an exceptional aesthetic and clear layout.

Our exhibition walling systems are used in numerous exhibition locations, including large venues like Birmingham’s NEC and London’s Olympia. And, they’re not lacking in lustre. You can take confidence in the fact that, although our exhibition walling systems are temporary, they certainly won’t fall over or collapse, until they are removed by our expert installers.

Convenient and strong? Perfect! Take a look at some of our portable exhibition walls below:

Gallery Wall

Although gallery wall was initially intended for art displays, our gallery walls offer various different uses. Whatever you require for your portable exhibition, we can help with our gallery walling here at Conex!

Low Wall

Low wall tends to be the perfect solution for walkways in an exhibition. It can also help to manage the flow of pedestrians in and around your exhibition.

Art Display Wall

Our art display wall is a shorter, thinner and narrower version of the gallery wall that does not lack in professional appeal. A great option for those that have a smaller budget, our art display walls are easy to install and can be installed by our professional installers in many formats.

Curved Wall

Curved walls offer a unique element to your temporary exhibition, allowing you to create an alternative shape for your exhibition, or add softer edging to your display.

Black Exhibition Wall

Black exhibition walls are great for monochrome photo art and provide an alternative to more traditional white walls. Conex recommend teaming black exhibition walling with illuminated furniture for the ultimate sleek and sophisticated portable exhibition walls.

Contact Conex for more information

Contact us at Conex for more information about choosing portable exhibition walls for your exhibition. We’re experts in temporary walling systems and happy to help!