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Eleven Things You Need to Know About Exhibiting Successfully

April 6, 2015 /
Conex /
Tips Exhibiting Successfully

Things To Know About Exhibiting

Over the years Conex have learned a trick or two about how to exhibit successfully. Choosing a prime spot for your stand at the exhibition is key but this is just one of the things to keep in mind. Here is our top eleven things to consider for a successful expo.

1. Try to avoid getting positioned near the entrance of an exhibition, research has found that visitors tend to walk past stands close to the reception or entrance, especially on cold or rainy days.

2. Around 85% of people go left upon entering an event, or they are occupied with other things, such as checking where they are once inside, or looking at the freebies they may have received the earlier exhibition stands are not even given a glance; this is also apparent later at the day but for other reasons, such as rushing to get home, or they have seen so much, they are simply exhausted from all the walking and do not have any energy left to exert at your stand. It’s not only important to book early, but to check out the restrictions and sizes to make sure your design plans, temporary walling and plinths fit nicely without restricting the room to move, this is another ‘put off’ as it resembles a cluttered room, not appealing to anyone.

3. Have a word with the organizers and enquire about visitor flow, average visitors, popular attractions, busiest areas, and so fourth. It is key to get as much information as possible, because you can be sure your competitors will also be doing their homework. For example you do not want to display your product or service directly next to a very similar product or service. Having as much information as possible gives you the upper hand and helps you in picking the perfect place to display your products.

4. Corner stands always seem busier, and not because they act as a short cut to get around a corner faster, but they are more inviting and open, if your stand is between others, potential customers have to make more effort to have a look inside your stand more closely. Now you might be thinking, “Wow, that’s just laziness.” but the sad truth is, human beings have very little time to spare and what might seem like a few extra seconds to you and totally worth the time, is enough to turn someone off the idea of visiting your stand.

5. Research has found that people who choose to locate close by a food outlet attract far more visitors, especially just after lunch time, as for the toilets, try not to be too close to them, but exhibitions do a good job of keeping them out the way, a bad smell will always ruin your day and chances of extra sales.

6. Try and visit the exhibition before hand, it’s not always possible but try and visit the exhibition the year before exhibiting yourself. Seeing the venue and exhibition first hand will give you the best idea of what your competition are doing and what stands typically look like. Your competitors may use temporary walling, and other display walls blocking the visibility of other stands, the venue may have huge columns blocking the view of your stand from a distance or when turning a corner. So if possible visit in person and choose a few options for your stand plot while on site. A good stand plot is key to a successful event, by making sure you are satisfied and lowering the amount of things you need to worry about boosts morale and will help on the day.

7.Check how much space you need, if you have a product to demo and/or banners you will need to check the dimensions of your plot to make sure you can do this within the space, without obstructing visitor flow or overcrowding your stand.

8. Locating near your competitors, or similar businesses can be hit or miss, you will either win or lose. This is why it is important to stay away but be aware of their presence. People tend to get bored quicker in an area with the same products.

9. While it is best to avoid being too close to competitors, and similar business ideas, it is good to be close to industry leaders as they will attract masses of people and being located near them will benefit you.

10. Always double check everything. Space and dimensions are always an important factor of exhibition planning, make sure if you are renting temporary walling, display walling, plinths, or flooring that all sizes meet your stand requirements. It can be a huge headache rearranging everything at the last minute and it’s not a great way to start a successful exhibition.

11. Have fun! If you look enthused and engaging on your stand people will want to talk to you. Two days on your feet while manning an exhibition stand can be hard work so have fun and you should have a successful exhibit.