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Exhibition Walls for London Exhibitions

February 28, 2018 /
Conex /
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What better place to hold an exhibition than London? A major location for large exhibitions, London is home to numerous exhibition venues that Conex is proud to be part of.

From London Olympia to Earls court, it is no surprise that there is high demand for exhibition walls for various London exhibitions.

Event locations in and around London are in high-demand, after all, the big city is where most businesses flourish and money is lucrative.

Kent, for example, on the outskirts of London, has just won two new events for 2018.

So how can we help you at Conex?

Our exhibition walling is perfect for quickly setting up shop in various London exhibition locations, we have black exhibition walling, white exhibition walling, pop-up walling, art display stands and more, therefore, no matter what your reason for exhibiting, we’ve got you covered here at Conex.

Fast Displays

Our exhibition prepared and ready to go as soon as we take it down for an exhibition, we remove any pins or fixtures so that our walling is ready to use again immediately.

Therefore, if you’ve got an exhibition to put on without much warning, you can rely on us to provide you with great quality walling.

In addition, we know the London area well and can transport the walling effectively. We are a popular choice for businesses moving around the city and reliable transporters for your exhibition.

Affordable Displays

We are proud of the fact that our exhibition walling is affordable for smaller and larger businesses alike. Businesses with a larger exhibition budget may choose to opt for other features, such as illuminated furniture and fancy flooring, where those with a smaller budget will be pleased with the value for money we offer on our exhibition wall hire.

Think outside the box. Exhibitions are going global.

Gone are the days when an exhibition remains solely between the walls of the exhibition venue, with advanced photography, smartphones, social media platforms and more modern technology, your exhibition stand can be tweeted, retweeted, snap-chatted, and posted to the global market, within minutes.

Here at Conex, we ensure our exhibition stands are ready for global exposure, making your display and your business look professional.

What’s more, London is the location where big things happen. We’re proud to be part of major and small events and will provide a first-class exhibition stand for your business, no matter what its size.

Contact us for London Exhibition Walling at Conex exhibitions

If you are looking for exhibition walls for your London exhibition then please contact us at Conex Exhibitions. We’ll be happy to help!