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Global Exhibition Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

November 18, 2022 /
Conex /
Global Exhibition Trends

Photo by Dannie Jing on Unsplash

It’s been a long three years, but events and exhibitions are back with a bang. Everyone is up for meeting up in person again, and it’s a brilliant time to take advantage of this by putting together a top-quality display that draws a crowd.

But with 2023 showing early signs of budget constraints and less international travel, what are the new guidelines for exhibitions – and what should you be doing to make your brand stand out?

Below are the top trends in exhibitions you should consider when you’re putting together your strategy in 2023.

Meaningful connections

A deeper connection to your audience is in demand. What do we mean by this? After years of online events, attendees are craving authenticity and brands who can offer true value.

If you haven’t considered it before, now is the time to think about a strategy for your exhibitions. Success here will mean really getting to know your target audience and choosing a display style that will draw them in. Avoid gimmicks and make sure the quality of your stand shines to make sure your display sticks in the mind for all of the right reasons.

A focus on the environment

Everyone’s focus is on the planet and how businesses can increase their ESG work. With this in mind exhibitions will be looking to cut down on unnecessary waste, use eco-friendly materials in stands and displays, and think about how best exhibitions can minimise their impact on the environment.

To make sure you’re in line with this increased concern about sustainability, consider how your display can offset carbon as much as possible. Another choice is to look at your energy use and whether you can cut down on any wasted lights or electricity.

Local events for local people

There’s no denying that there’s an economic downturn around the corner, and so attendance at exhibitions might be more local than previously seen. While before the pandemic attendees from all over the world would have flown in to one exhibition, the prediction is that exhibitors will be talking to a more local audience while overseas guests are limited in travel.

Take advantage of this by asking about the attendee list in advance from the organiser and tailoring your display to keep in mind who’s confirmed to be there in person. This might be a great time to experiment with new ideas, like a new installation or theme specific to the locale you’re in.

New event technologies

Another trend that isn’t going anywhere any time soon is utilising cutting-edge technology in exhibitions to really wow an audience. These can really enhance your event and brand, as well as create a buzz around your display.

We’ve outlined just some of the latest developments in exhibition technology that you should consider for your installation.

VR headsets

Once the mainstay of gaming, VR headsets have become a brilliant tool for exhibition displays. Give your attendees an experience that brings to life what it is you do in virtual reality, whether that’s a headline project or a display of products.

OLED screens

Giant interactive displays, interactive floor panels, video walls… these are just some of the ideas you can use with OLED screens to create a truly unforgettable experience for your display. Your booth is sure to be popular if you invest in technology both true to your message and fun to use, too.

Augmented reality

Using AR gets attendees involved with their own smartphones and gives you a chance to create a memorable experience for them while showcasing new designs or products. You could even make a treasure hunt throughout the exhibition so your audience is reminded every so often of your brand.

Unusual locations

Sure, there’s your standard exhibition hall that does the job – but with a world of options when it comes to event locations, why not consider something outside of the norm?

A key trend for 2023 will be more unusual event venues to attract larger crowds and take advantage of a visually aesthetic environment that requires little setup. These could be anything from social clubs and bars all the way through to museums like the Natural History Museum and Tate Modern, depending on the type of event and what kind of customer experience the organiser is going for.

If you’re worried about the unique setting competing with your exhibition stand, consider the new environment you’ll be displaying in and how you can use it to your advantage – whether that’s a well-placed piece of art that complements the surroundings, or leaning into a gimmick that matches the venue to draw in the crowds.

Data utilisation

In an increasingly digital world, every aspect of work and play can benefit from a data-driven approach – and exhibitions are no exception.

Companies will be looking to utilise data to get the most out of their displays, to look at how best to draw in footfall and to see what is and isn’t working as a whole. This will benefit the industry as new ideas and innovations for exhibitions come onto the market, backed up by data.

Go the extra mile

After nearly three years of COVID-19, everyone is looking to attend in-person events again – but with this renewed focus comes the competition to beat out other exhibitions and get visitors through the door.

So what does going the extra mile look like? It depends on the exhibition, but it could be adding in extra sensory elements like smells and sound to enhance the attendee’s experience to create a truly immersive experience.

Another idea is investing in visual aids that bring a sense of realism or drama for your exhibition stand. Our high-quality art display stands for hire would be a fantastic addition to any exhibition looking to impress.

Final thoughts

Now you know the top trends for the exhibition industry going into 2023, you can dazzle your audiences with your newly rejuvenated display. Make sure to check out our full range of modular displays to make your exhibition stand pack a punch.