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How to Choose the Right Wall System for Your Project

May 5, 2023 /
Conex /
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Planning an exhibition, event, or trade show? On the hunt for temporary walls to display your artwork or create separate spaces? If yes, you’re probably pondering what kind of wall system to go for. With a whole host of options up for grabs, chances are, you don’t know where to begin. Thankfully, we can give you a hand! In this article, we’ll navigate you through the process of picking the right wall system for your project.

What’s temporary walling?

Temporary walling is a budget-friendly, all-around solution for creating partitions, rooms, and temporary walls. It’s incredible for trade shows, pop-up shops, events, and exhibitions, and you can erect temporary walls effortlessly and speedily. Plus, they’re just as easy to take down, so are great for short-term use.

In terms of temporary walling, you get two main kinds: modular wall systems and solid wall systems. Modular wall systems are versatile, and you can adjust them to your liking so they suit your project. Instead, solid wall systems are unbudging – you can’t shift or reconfigure them once erected.

Now, let’s dig into each of these temporary walling choices in a little more detail.

Modular wall systems

Unlike solid wall systems, modular wall systems are a more versatile choice. Because they consist of separate panels, you can configure them in numerous ways to generate various shapes and spaces. If you want to build a display stand, temporary wall or exhibition booth, modular walls are spot on. Easy to assemble and dismantle and lightweight, they’re excellent for temporary use.

Solid wall systems

If you want to build a permanent-style wall that can’t be shifted or moved, plump for a solid wall system. They come in a plethora of robust materials, like metal and wood. Plus, you can decorate or paint them to complement your branding or design. Solid wall systems work particularly well for crafting individual spaces, like meeting rooms. What’s more, they offer unbeatable sound insulation.

Time to pick the perfect wall system for your project

Picking a wall system for your project involves a few factors, such as:

  • Cost: What’s your budget? What are you willing to fork out on the wall system?
  • Intention: What will you use the wall system for? Will you use it to display artwork or create separate spaces?
  • Setting: Where will you use your wall system? Outside or inside?
  • Length of time: What period of time will you need the wall system for? Will it be a long-standing set-up or a one-off affair?

As soon as you’ve thought about these aspects, it’s time to refine your choices. Some of the most common wall systems for short-term use include:

  1. Hiring temporary walling: Looking for temporary walls for a short period? Hire temporary walling. This is an economical solution that enables you to produce independent spaces swiftly and effortlessly.
  2. Solid wall systems: Want a more permanent-looking wall? Consider a solid wall system. They’re a robust option offering exceptional sound insulation. That said, they aren’t as versatile as modular wall systems.
  3. Modular wall systems: If flexibility is what you need, a modular wall system is the best option. There are a heap of ways to modify the layout to fit precisely what you need. Light in weight, they’re a breeze to make and disassemble.
  4. Hiring art display stands: Consider art display stands for hire if you’d like to display artwork. They’re devised precisely for exhibiting art, and you can have them customised to meet your requirements. They’re a terrific wall system for shows and exhibitions.

Art display stands for hire: enhancing your exhibition

When planning your art exhibition, it isn’t just the walls you have to think about. Equally critical are art display stands, as they showcase your artwork. You can pick from a whole raft of stand styles, but the one you go for depends on the weight and size of your art and the kind of look and feel of your exhibition.

To display your artwork effectively, plump for easels. Simple stands like these are great for smaller pieces, like sketches or paintings, and can effortlessly be shifted around to produce the desired layout.

You can also have easels altered to work for various angles and heights, making them versatile and easy to use. Alternatively, go for plinths or pedestals to exhibit more considerable artwork. Their sturdy bases hold bulkier installations or sculptures while adding dimension to your display.

You can get pedestals in a whole host of materials and sizes, including understated options and more intricate designs crafted from metal or glass.

When it comes to picking an art display stand for your exhibition, think about the overall mood you’re trying to achieve. Your stand type must harmonise with the art piece on display, not take eyes away from it.

Let’s say you’re presenting sizable, bold statues. You could go for contemporary, glossy pedestals to enhance the general aesthetic. Alternatively, if you have a collection of modest watercolour canvases, you may want to opt for no-frills white easels that won’t overshadow the artwork.

Hire temporary walling: adapting your space

Want to make your next exhibition or event go with a bang? Temporary walling might be just the thing. Using temporary walls, you create custom spaces inside bigger venues, ideal for conferences, art exhibitions, pop-up shops, and more.

That said, before you take the plunge, be sure to select the correct walling system that works for your project’s requirements. So, think about the size of it, the textile type, and the structure that’ll work best for you. Fret not, as there’s an abundance of options on hand. From lightweight fabric partitions in all sorts of colours and patterns to modular panels that link and create custom spaces, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Turning your ideas into a reality

Selecting a spot-on wall system for your project can make your event or exhibition memorable and one-off. Whether you’re looking for temporary walling to customise your space or art display stands for hire, partner with a provider who knows your vision and helps you breathe life into your ideas.

Let us walk you through the process of picking the perfect walling system. At Conex, we’re always thrilled to help, and our skilled assembly and dismantling services guarantee a fuss-free experience from beginning to end.

Let’s get started – we promise we’ll bring your ideas to fruition so your event is a massive success.