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How to Cover up a Dirty Carpet?

September 20, 2021 /
Conex /
dirty carpet

While wooden flooring, tiles and laminate all have their place in our homes or businesses, there’s no denying that carpets are important. Not only do they provide us with comfort, but they’re also ideal if you want to keep your floor warm but can’t afford underfloor heating. 

The most significant drawback of having a carpet is it gets dirty. A small spill on tile or laminate flooring is easy to deal with, but a carpet stain is notoriously hard to remove. If you don’t get to it in time, you’ll have to face the facts that you might be stuck with the stain. 

So, in this post, we’re going to look at how you can cover up a dirty carpet when that stain just won’t quit bothering you. 

Use Area Rugs 

Area rugs are a cheap and simple solution, but some people don’t like the idea of covering up a stain with more carpet. If you find a rug that matches the rest of your decor, it can merge with the room and won’t look out of place. 

If your floor, in general, is dirty, you can buy a range of small rugs and stitch them together to make a carpet area. 

Again, this isn’t ideal if you want a quick and straightforward solution, but it can make a difference. 

Buy Carpet Tiles 

Carpet tiles are similar to rugs in many ways, but they’re a more versatile solution. Instead of buying a rug to fit, you can use carpet tiles and customise them to suit your living room. The tiles come in various colours and are easy to cut down – which means no sewing and stitching. 

We love the idea of buying different colour carpet tiles and using them to make patterns. Alternatively, you could cut a section out of your carpet and replace it with the tiles if you’d prefer a less full-on approach. 

Use Floor Cloths in the Kitchen 

You probably haven’t heard of floor cloths before, but they’re very useful. Just to clear things up, it’s not a giant cloth that you put on the floor, but a heavy-duty piece of material with waterproofing features. 

Most floor cloths are made of heavy canvas and coated with gesso, so they’re ideal for kitchens. Better still, you can choose between a range of designs, and the cloth resembles tiles. 

Cover Your Carpet With Laminate 

Yes, you read that right. You can cover your carpet with laminate flooring. We should clarify that this job isn’t for the faint of heart, and laminate can be expensive. 

If you lay it over the carpet, you’ll need to make sure the laminate is stable and understand how to do basic DIY. 

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service 

In some cases, a professional cleaning service might be able to remove your stains, but it can be costly. Even more importantly, there’s no guarantee that the cleaning service will be able to remove the stain. 

Other options include using a rug doctor machine or scrubbing it continually – which won’t work on stubborn stains and will cost you both money and large amounts of your patience! 

Use Temporary Flooring Solutions

Temporary flooring is the most cost-effective solution for covering up a dirty carpet, and it offers so many benefits. If you’re on a budget or have people visiting and don’t want them to see the stains, you can rent temporary flooring, and people won’t be able to tell the difference. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits temporary flooring offers. 

You Can Reuse It 

Temporary flooring is ideal if you want a sustainable solution for those pesky stains. You can lay it when you need it, but many companies rent out temporary flooring so you can cover your dirty carpet without spending a lot of money. 

More Room 

If you’re holding an office party or attending a trade show, you can’t let people see a dirty carpet because it will look unprofessional. 

Temporary flooring will cover up stains, but it can also provide you with more space. You can expand the event to another room and invite more people. 


Vinyl flooring is incredibly versatile, and you can use it for so many purposes. Whether it’s your home, office or exhibition display, the flooring you use will last for a long time. Not only does it offer aesthetic appeal, but you can also customise it to your preferences. 

Whether you want to go for a subtle flooring style or mix it up with some colours, you can pretty much do anything. 

Easy to Install

At Conex, we specialise in providing a range of temporary wall and flooring solutions that offer flexibility and convenience. While many people believe they’ll need a professional to install their flooring, that couldn’t be more wrong. 

It’s straightforward to install, and many businesses choose temporary flooring for their trade shows because of how simple it is. Pretty much anyone can lay the floor without the hassle of using tools and DIY. 

It’s Cheap 

One of the most significant factors when buying or renting any product is the cost. You don’t want to put yourself out of pocket, which is why temporary flooring is so beneficial. Most companies offer cheap rental options, and as you won’t need to call in professionals, you’ll save more money. 

While the flooring might be cheap, it certainly doesn’t look or feel that way. People won’t know the difference, so it’s a win-win situation for all. 

Rent Temporary Flooring With Conex 

There are three things we refuse to compromise on; price, professionalism and convenience. Each of our temporary flooring solutions is designed to offer our customers convenience, and we always do our best to create flexible solutions for every customer. 

Our costs are incredibly reasonable, and the flooring we provide meets all health and safety guidelines. If you’d like to know more about our range of solutions, including flooring, exhibition stands, temporary walls, and much more, please get in touch with our friendly team. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

How to Cover up a Dirty Carpet?
Article Name
How to Cover up a Dirty Carpet?
in this post, we're going to look at how you can cover up a dirty carpet when that stain just won't quit bothering you. 
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