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How to Create Impact With Temporary Walling

December 18, 2019 /
Conex /
Impact Of Temporary Walling

Wondering how you’re going to make an impact at your next exhibition? Wonder no more. If you haven’t thought about using temporary walling to have your booth stand head and shoulders above the competition, then you might want to reconsider.

Temporary walling

Temporary walling is the ideal design solution to create a bespoke pop up stand, an exhibition stand, for inclusion at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, on the retail floor or even at a gallery to display a new artist.

No matter your display requirements, a temporary walling solution will enable you to create the display of your dreams and garner attention for all the right reasons.

Of course there are multiple ways to create an impact at a trade show, including (but by no means limited to):

  • Getting in early and selecting the best booth position. If you’re lucky enough to sign up to your preferred trade show early, you will more than likely have the option to pick your stand position. So go for prime placement (the key is all about location, location, location) and opt for pole position, right by the entrance to the exhibition hall. Or go for a spot near a popular brand that will naturally see more foot traffic – which you can piggy-back off.
  • Shout about your presence. Make sure you drum up interest at your exhibition by letting your customers, retailers and prospective clients know you’re participating in the tradeshow long before you show up. Put social media to work, include the news in your email marketing, deploy the tradeshow’s hashtags to get you in front of new audiences, even include it in your email signature sign off. Make sure that everyone is aware you’re participating – you want your booth to be full for the whole event (and people are sheep – the more crowded your stand, the more people will flock to see what the fuss is).
  • Create an impressive display. It doesn’t matter what size of stand you have, if you want to create an impact, use temporary walling to help you. Temporary walling will allow you to create an impressive display that will see you stand out from the crowd. Consider the use of:

But how exactly can you use temporary walling to create an impact?

With our temporary walling solutions you are limited solely by your imagination.

  1. Add an air of mystery. Use temporary walling as a way to divide your booth or to partition off any areas that you don’t want people seeing. While the other exhibitors will have their standard box squares, you can have a truly bespoke space divided into different sections.
  2. Create a winter wonderland. Temporary walling and flooring provides you with the unique opportunity to create your own pop up winter wonderland wherever you’re exhibiting. Simply assemble your temporary walling and with the addition of a few strings of fairy lights (you can screw or pin anything to our walling panels that you want, so go nuts) and add in a couple of pieces of eye catching illuminated furniture, you can transform a mundane space into a seasonal scene, creating a wow factor that your competition can only dream of.
  3. Impact means drama. If you want to stand out from the rest of the exhibitors, you need to pack a punch. And what is more visually stunning than a monochrome display – a black temporary walling background adorned with bright images, or illuminated with clever lighting solutions.
  4. Make it all about the light. People will walk past a dull, poorly lit display. If they can’t see what’s on offer, there are plenty more stands that will capture their attention. And the sad fact is, so many exhibitors just don’t see lighting as essential to their stand design. So light up your exhibition stand with our range of lighting solutions, and show off your brand in the best light. From soft lighting to highlight graphics, to bold spot lights that draw focus where you need it, we have a lighting hire solution that will add the perfect finishing touch to your stand, enabling you to create the ideal mood to complement your products.
  5. Use the floor. By which we mean, don’t just hire temporary walls for your exhibition, hire temporary flooring too. We can raise your stand up, add carpet when everyone else has bare tiles, install dance floors, even illuminated floors. Don’t underestimate the impact that little touches like putting in a different floor to everyone else will have on creating an effect. It is all about having the right aesthetic when it comes to drawing attention to your display, and temporary flooring options allow you to add the wow factor.

Temporary walling cost effective

Using temporary walling to create impact is a low cost solution. You don’t need to break the bank to capture attention, a few points of structural difference, some clever lighting options and your display stand is immediately different to the rest of your competitors’.

The best thing about temporary walling? It’s quick and easy to install, it’s temporary and it’s reusable. Win win.