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How to Customise Your Exhibition Stand

December 5, 2015 /
Conex /
giant illuminated wine glass

Customise Your Exhibitions Stand Display

By adding well thought out finishing touches to your exhibition stand you can really make it stand out in a crowd. When exhibiting in huge venues such as the Birmingham NEC with its 200,000 square metres of exhibition space, you really want yours to stand out and entice people to visit you.

So how do you do this? First of all think about the type of walling that you require. Exhibition walling can be used on exhibition stands of all sizes and configurations to create solid walls.

Our pristine white gallery walling can be used to display art work on a sharp background.

Art display walling is shorter than our gallery walling and as such is perfect for the more intimate venues.

We have low walls at just one metre in height, which can be used to create magical pathways and curved walls to create soft lines.

You need a wipe wall to execute breakout sessions? We’ve got that. Slat walls for retail environments? Or, you just need to change the colour of your walling and maybe install an image? We have all that too.

Our illuminated furniture creates a modern, slick look. We have a huge stock from seating and tables to lecterns and plinths. Illuminated blob chairs, blob sofas, blob coffee tables, curved seating, round sofas, cube tables, hollow cubes and Christmas trees. Perhaps you need an illuminated giant wine glass?! Illuminated furniture provides a wonderful effect. Have a look and see what we can offer!

Branded temporary walling with all the trimmings creates special effects that will entice everyone to come to your stand.

All elements can be coloured, branded, have images installed on them, can be lit in a variety of ways and all topped off with the sounds of our cool AV equipment. Mains powered or battery-powered LED with remote control.

We have installed the most fabulous exhibition stands, even on a budget. Cleverly using a mix of our exhibition walling along with all the accessories, furniture, lighting, AV solutions and general pizzazz, we have created some superb stands for as little as £500. You want to invite people into your arena and with our experience, we know how to do just that.

So pick your colours, style, tone and message that you want to convey and let us design your creative space. Our vast experience working with the great arenas and exhibition centres of this country means that we really can take all the pressure out of your hands. We will deliver, install and then take down your exhibition stand. We know the rules and regulations, size requirements and restrictions, venue entrances, exits, coffee stands and basically everything that you need to know about exhibiting.

Call our wonderful team for a chat about your requirements and let us create you a bespoke space, whether crisp and corporate or sumptuous and sparkly.