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How to Make the Most of Your Christmas Exhibition Stand

December 4, 2019 /
Conex /
Christmas Exhibition Display

If you’re planning on exhibiting at a Christmas show, or if you’re exhibiting around Christmas time, and your products aren’t exclusively Christmas related, you might think it’s going to be a tough gig to draw customers in. But that needn’t be the case.

Just because the temperature outside is dropping, doesn’t mean you need to take a hit with your audience numbers. In fact, as Christmas approaches, this is the perfect time for you to maximise on sales, boosting your brand and expanding your audience. Because if there’s one thing we Brits can’t get enough of, it’s Christmas.

From local exhibitions to nationwide events, exhibiting at Christmas is guaranteed to draw in the crowds. Statistics from the Local Government Association showed that in the period between 2015-2017, spending at Christmas exhibitions rose by £250 million.

Making the most of your Christmas exhibition stand

So if you want to take advantage of our love for Christmas, you need to find a way to get your brand out there and make the most of your Christmas exhibition stand.

  1. Make sure your offering is eye catching.
    It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, if it isn’t eye catching, it won’t get noticed. So regardless of whether you’re completely new to the market or you’re already an established business with a dedicated customer base, make sure that what you have on show is the best of what you sell. Don’t make the mistake of trying to cram every single item in your range onto your Christmas exhibition stand, that isn’t going to get anyone’s attention, you’ll just look a hoarder. Instead, pick a select few items, whittle them down to your most seductive offerings, add in any unique ranges you have, and if you have anything seasonal, be sure to include them too.
  2. Be all over social media.
    Once you know what products you’re going to be exhibiting at your Christmas exhibition, make sure you share your product range and wide. This includes being all over social media, showing potential customers (and inviting them to meet you) what they can expect at your Christmas show. Promote your attendance at the Christmas exhibition well in advance, that way you can guarantee to get in as many diaries as possible. Facebook is a great platform to get exposure to older audiences, Instagram is better at grabbing younger brands’ attention. Make sure you communicate with customers and followers, show them where you’ve been, where you’re going next and what they can expect to find when they come to your Christmas exhibition stand. In particular, if you have any exhibition special offerings, social media is where you want to be promoting them (and your website of course), prior to the event.
  3. Be savvy with your marketing materials.
    If you want to stand out from your competition, giving away a free pen isn’t going to cut it. You want to be drawing prospects into your exhibition stand with your marketing materials, so make them something to remember.
    Roller banners are great for quick and easy marketing messages and consider:

    • Updating your business cards with a Christmas theme
    • Give out candy canes or other seasonal treats like mince pies and chocolate coins
    • Host a promotional exhibition-only giveaway on the day like a raffle
  4. Decorate with a Christmas theme.
    We’ve said it before, but illuminated furniture will get you noticed. And what better way to jazz up your Christmas stand than with an illuminated Christmas tree?Illuminated furniture captures everyone’s attention because it is incredibly unique. Worried about the cost of hiring illuminated furniture to make your Christmas exhibition stand stand out from the crowd? Well, don’t be. Illuminated furniture is lit by LEDs which are incredibly cost effective and because it’s suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, regardless of where your exhibition is held, you are sure to make your stand shine. Don’t forget to get your stand colour theme right too, if you are decorating with a Christmas theme. It doesn’t matter if your offerings aren’t Christmassy themselves, because draped in red and gold tinsel and nestled in a snowy wonderland, anything can look festive.
  5. It’s not just your stand that sells.
    The people who man your stand are just as important to your Christmas presentation as the layout of your exhibition stand. So make sure the people you hire to work on your stall understand how to present your brand. You could all dress up as Christmas elves, or wear Christmas jumpers to show your fun and creative side. The point is, put some thought into it and make sure your sales reps are fully trained up on your company.

Christmas exhibition stand

Essentially, as we hit the festive season, there is no reason why you can’t adopt Christmas focused marketing techniques. Christmas is pushed everywhere else, so why not hop on that bandwagon and get into the festive mood at your Christmas exhibition?

Here at Conex, we can help you turn your temporary walling solution into a Christmas wonderland without detracting from your branding. Some subtle fairy lights or a small illuminated Christmas tree can be all it takes to give your exhibition stand a Christmas tint. Because there’s no need to make your exhibition stand look like Santa’s grotto, unless you want to…