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How To Set Up An Intimate Art Display Using Temporary Display Walls

September 22, 2016 /
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Once you have created a portfolio of photographs or paintings then you want to show them off well. Art galleries can be slightly intimidating for a new artist and their steely interiors may not be the environment that you are looking for.

Art displays can in fact happen anywhere, from intimate boutique venues to perhaps an artist’s own house. There is even an Open House Art Festival held in Glasgow each year, where artists open up their living space and create a wonderfully intimate exhibition.

For emerging artists who are keen to get their work out there after leaving art school, an intimate art display is ideal and is so easily done using temporary walling.

Our Conex art display walls are temporary walls that can easily be installed in your home or venue. They are slightly shorter in height than standard gallery walling and offer a versatile and flexible solution in terms of the shapes they can create and the number of art display panels you can use.

In venues where space and ceiling height is restricted, art display walls work wonderfully. They are finished in white paint and they are a super budget alternative to our standard gallery walling. As with all of our products, they are fire resistant and stable and would suit any art exhibition in a school, village hall, hotel reception or any public venue. Unlike most other gallery walling panel companies, we are happy for you screw, pin, nail and stick as much artwork as you like onto our temporary art display walls since when they are returned, we give them a complete makeover and return them to their crisp clean finish.

Our Conex art display panels can come in a variety of colours, to match the tone of your designs and we can also add full length prints to the panels making them completely bespoke. All we require is for a high resolution image to be sent to us as a pdf and we will print it and fit it either in our warehouse or onsite.

Setting up the art display

Be mindful of the lighting when setting up your exhibition and the time of day that you will be exhibiting. For photos, prints or paintings, opt for natural light and choose the lightest and airiest room in the house or venue.

When arranging the temporary art display panels, be creative and either create a compact shell or a route to guide your viewers along through the flow of your carefully positioned art.

Add lighting to the mix, an iPad table should you need one, maybe shelves and plinths for displaying your artwork. Or just stick, screw, velcro and bulldog clip to your hearts content!

Promoting your exhibition

Showing your art is as much about socialising as it is about the art so entice people to your art display with the promise of a glass of fizz and a lovely time.

Attract a good crowd by distributing flyers and posters to independent shops, cafes and art galleries and be sure to include urls of your social media platforms and your website. A great idea is to seek out bloggers who may be prepared to promote your show on their blog.