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How To Use Technology In An Exhibition Stand

August 27, 2019 /
Conex /
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The ways is which visitors are interacting with exhibitions is changing. Technological advances just keep on coming. With every new clever piece of technology comes a new challenge for exhibitors.

When consulting your exhibition checklist, be sure to include which technological pieces you’d like to include.

Know your market and book the exhibition which closely matches your brand’s target audience. Once you know you’re heading to the right show, you can start planning how to grab the delegates’ attention.

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Why not let technology take centre stage?

Video – A well thought out video production can really draw the crowds in. A screen facing out from your stall can be showing the story of your brand. Unusual filming angles, some fast action, or even some super slow-mo could all draw the attention of the passing visitors.

Social Media – Your exhibition activity could be shared live on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. A story of your time at the show can unfold on your potential customers’ devices. Stories are great for time limited promotions or special deals. A buzz can be created around your exhibition with a well thought out social media campaign. The exhibition itself is a great opportunity to attract more followers to your social media channels.

Interactive Displays – large touch screen displays are superb for keeping the delegates from moving on. Potential customers can discover your brand at the speed they choose. This leads to a much more individualised visit for delegates. Visitors can become immersed in your brand’s journey as they influence it directly.

AR (Augmented Reality) – An increasingly popular technology with exhibitors. Taking interaction to another level. Computer generated imagery can be merged into real footage. This could use advanced connectivity to allow visitors to link their own mobile devices to the exhibition stand. 

There is no sign of trade shows disappearing due to advances in technology. Far more likely is that any new virtual style technology is incorporated into existing ways of exhibiting.

Play Some Games – Use technology to have scoreboards for visitors to compete against. Consider quizzes around your industry and products. Mark people’s efforts in using your products. Have interactive opportunities throughout your stand. You can test people’s reactions, knowledge or skills on screens, walls or even the floor.

Triggers – Try some technological tricks. Have sensors in the floor, or movement detectors triggering displays. Technology really can be used to capture the visitors attention and get them involved with your exhibition.

In a competitive environment, such as a trade exhibition, it is not enough to simply turn up and put your products on a shelf. Potential customers expect the very latest technology during their visit. Keep them entertained, involved, informed and make work into fun to attract and keep their attention.

With your visitors having a great time engaging with your state of the art exhibition stand, they’ll be telling the world through social media.

For all your exhibition stand tips and advice get in touch and let us guide you through building the perfect stand for your brand.