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Modular, Shell Or Traditional Exhibition Stands. Which Is Best?

August 14, 2019 /
Conex /
Architecture Art Show

Taking your brand to an exhibition is a real opportunity to get your message out there. The variety of exhibitions, and options for creating stands, is almost endless.

Here’s our guide to some of the styles which might be right for you.


Modular stands. 

Whether you are looking to buy your own stand or hire from us, modular stands offer great flexibility.

As the name suggests, the stand can be pieced together out of a selection of modules. If you are buying them, they can be completely personalised for your brand. Rather than temporary signage, the modules can be manufactured in your brand’s colour scheme and feature quality graphics.

With every item branded, you’ll be standing out regardless of the size of stand. Modules can include electrical connections for interactive equipment. If space is an issue, talk to us about storing your equipment.

You can also complement your own stand with additional hired items where space allows. The modular system can also be continually added to and grow with your business.

Shell stands.

If any combination of time, space or money is an issue, then a shell stand could well be perfect. The shell can be designed and constructed for any sized venue. You will be hiring, or buying, a framework in which to impress your clients.

The minimalist nature of the shell stand could work to your advantage. Offering sparsity in branding can help focus the attention of visitors. Trade shows can be crammed with people and stands. A break from the barrage of information will be welcomed by your visitors.

We offer a great day hire service, perfect for a pop-up shop or a small one day exhibition. This may be a cheaper option, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose the wow factor. With careful planning and strategic placing of your branding material, a pop-up shell can be stunning.

Traditional Exhibition Stands

The most bespoke and traditional exhibition stands are individually crafted for you. The only limit to how your stand might look is your own imagination. At Conex, we have years of experience of creating exhibitions of all sizes, we can create your dream.

From a complete design service through to installation, we can help you at every step of your exhibition process.

Some of the amazing features you may consider for your bespoke exhibition stand:

  • Curved walls
  • Bespoke graphics
  • Art displays
  • Plasma panels
  • Giant white boards
  • Podiums
  • Desks
  • Illuminated furniture
  • Every type of flooring
  • Display plinths

So which is best?

Ultimately, only you can decide. It’s good to know that Conex are here to help you with that decision. We have created all styles of exhibition stands for all types of venue.

Think about your budget. Then, once you know the venue size, the space available (including height), access to light and power and what you would like to take with you, we can start putting a package together which is perfect for your brand.

Contact us today for a chat and let’s get a fantastic exhibition stand built for you.