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Our Step-by-Step Guide to Perfect Art Display Stands Solutions

January 19, 2018 /
Conex /
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A Step by Step Guide to Display Stands Solutions

When it comes to exhibition walling solutions and ideas, we’ve got you covered here at Conex exhibitions.

Whether you are a large organisation or a small independent company, our exhibition walling is bound to make your exhibition stands one of the best in the venue!

We’re proud to offer a variety of temporary walling solutions, including pop-up shops and black walling, flooring, lighting, illuminated furniture and more.

One of our most popular temporary walling items is, of course, our art display stands. After all, after spending a huge amount of time producing your art pieces, you’ll need to ensure they are well-presented in order to show them off in the best way possible.

As well as lighting, positioning and labelling your art pieces, putting them up on the wall can ensure they are visible to passers-by. This is extremely important when you are marketing a brand, or selling individual pieces!

If you are looking to display your art, take a look at our perfect art display stand solutions below and make sure you’re showing your art off, as best as you possibly can!

Take these steps to create a perfect art display stand:

1. Consider your position at the exhibition.

First of all, you will want to consider your positioning within the venue of the exhibition. You may want to, for example, position yourself closer to a more similar themed artist if you are an independent artist and think about the journey people are making as they walk past. You will want to set out your temporary walls so that your pieces are visible to visitors as the walk by.

2. Think about the lighting set-up.

Are you exhibiting in a fairly dark venue? If yes, then you may want to feature lights above your pieces. Likewise, you should position your pieces out of the sunlight and in lighting that you feel shows them at their best.

Here at Conex Exhibitions, we have a range of lighting options that can be used as part of your art exhibition stands to make them as effective as possible!

3. Provide a space where visitors (and potential buyers!) can relax.

 Particularly relevant in the situation where you are selling art pieces, it is important to allow potential buyers time to look at the piece they are investing in.

A nice way to allow visitors to relax at your exhibition stand is to hire some exhibition furniture and perhaps even provide them with a free drink (whatever the budget allows, of course, perhaps coffee for tighter budgets and Prosecco for larger ones!), so they can take the time to imagine where the piece will go and ponder the idea of purchasing your art.

This could be a great time too to tell them more about yourself and sell yourself as an artist!

4. Hire art exhibition walling from Conex Temporary Walling

 Here at Conex Temporary Walling Systems, we have a range of art gallery display stands available.

From day hire to longer exhibitions, we can offer you a reasonable price and an excellent choice of art display stands.

 5. Plan the arrangement of your art display board

 It is helpful to plan the layout of your art display board, before the exhibition day so that you know where each piece will be displayed when you’re setting up.

After all, you want your pieces to be put up in a layout that shows-off each piece. In addition, take care to label your art clearly, with a name, a price and any other details you think are necessary.

Why opt for art exhibition stands from Conex Temporary Walling?

If you are undecided about which walling to hire for your temporary art exhibition, here’s why art exhibition stands from Conex are the best place to hang your art!

Any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at Conex Temporary Walling Systems.