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Our Top 3 Favourite Exhibition Stands

March 14, 2016 /
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Top 3 Conex’s Favourite Exhibition Stands

At Conex, we have enjoyed producing the most fantastic bespoke exhibition stands for any budget and for any location. Whilst we excel in designing big budget exhibition stands for the big spud venues such as the Birmingham NEC and Kensington Olympia, we also revel in creating low budget exhibition stands for unusual boutique venues. This is where we can really get creative! Our mix of exhibition walling and accessories such as furniture, lighting and AV solutions create completely bespoke exhibition stands to really showcase your business. Our illuminated seating is extremely effective and impressive and our tables and lecturns are the perfect platforms for your products. Either mains powered or battery powered LED with a remote control, all of our illuminated furniture comes in a variety of colours so we can get really creative with our exhibition stand designs.

To tantalise your exhibition stand buds, we have picked out some of our favourites.
In no particular order…

1] Floating shoes

One of our favourites and we are proud that this was one of our beautiful creations. Using black exhibition walling and super cool lighting, this exhibition stand really represented the Jimmy Choo business; pure elegance and glamour. Jimmy Choo shoes and handbags perching proudly on black stands, that blend in to the black exhibition walling to give the floating effect. Simply beautiful!

2] Simple and sleek

Very simple but effective, black exhibition walling, illuminated furniture and a piece of art lit up with cool lighting. The company logo is placed on the exhibition walling. Just one example of how things don’t need to be complicated to work well. Although this particular stand was not our creation, it is a great example of a simple but effective exhibition stand.

3] Rustic yet modern

Another Conex exhibition stand that we are particularly proud of. A nice use of wooden exhibition walling, a cool use of the logo, and the lovely addition of flowers in huge vases. Artwork is integrated throughout the stand and the effect is raw and industrial yet pretty at the same time.