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Partition Wall Ideas for Your Home and Office

May 21, 2021 /
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orange partitial wall in office

Who said partition walls have to be boring? While they were seen as a functional feature in the past, more people realise that there’s nothing wrong with partition walls – especially when they have aesthetic appeal. 

Partition walls – or room dividers – are an innovative solution for both homes and offices. They’re ideal if you need to create some personal space and save you a lot of money. 

So before images of grey clinical style walls take over your mind, we’re going to give you some fantastic solutions to overhaul your living/work area and put your stamp on a productive solution. 

Storage Divider 

If you live in a small house, then it’s only natural that you’ll want to make more living space, but many considerations occur. For example, will an extra wall make the home look more cluttered? Where will all of your ornaments go? 

Well, there’s a simple solution to living room partition walls, and that’s combining a basic wall with an innovative shelving solution. You can use a mixture of closed units and open shelves to store and display photographs, giving your home a contemporary feel with a practical solution. 

It’s important to remember that storage dividers are also ideal for office spaces. For example, if you have a lot of files or office information to store, you can make it accessible for everyone while also providing each employee with a dedicated space. 

Get Creative With Architectural Designs 

If you have an eye for design or appreciate modern architecture, why not get creative with your room divider? There are plenty of opportunities to find frames instead of a complete wall. Some of our favourite designs are circular shapes but keep it simple with a regular frame if you like the industrial New York apartment-style. 

You can also choose laser cut panels, which allows you to put your stamp on traditional walling panels. The right designer can help you achieve any look you require, including mosaics, stripes or geometric shapes. 

What we love most about this design is how it catches the eye. It’s perfect in an office because you can revamp your workspace and show your commitment to making your company a welcoming place for clients. 

Glass Partitions 

Glass is one of those timeless materials that we couldn’t be without. From the windows in our home to car windscreens, it’s a practical solution due to its transparency. But glass is also ideal for aesthetic features. 

There are so many glass options, including tiles and textured glass, which are ideal for homes. You can also choose between various colours for your wall to match your home or office decor. 

One thing that puts some people off the glass is the worry of breakages. You’d probably need to find a strong partition wall, but ultimately you’ll be able to invest in a long-term design solution that will look incredible for years to come. 

Natural Wood 

Natural wood is better than modified wood because it has an authenticity about it that you can’t get from manufactured models. If you’re a traditionalist at heart or love rustic designs, then natural wood is a wonderful statement for your home. 

One of our favourite walling options is logs because they create an outdoor effect. You can use log style partitions both at home or in your office. 

Planter Walls 

Greenery walls are becoming so popular now and for a good reason. They’re ideal if you want to add some nature to your room but won’t take up too much space. While planters were originally popular within gardens, they’re making an impact in offices across the UK. 

It’s essential to create a productive yet tranquil office environment, so many companies struggle to find the right balance. Adding a planting wall is a cost-effective solution because it means you won’t need to make extra space in your office. 

Plant walls can also be a good idea for the interior of your house, but if you’ve got kids and pets, then it’s probably not going to last long! Both cats and dogs seem to find trouble wherever they go, and you might not want to spend your evenings cleaning up fallen leaves. 

Art Display Walls 

Art display walls are incredibly versatile, making them perfect for homes, offices and trade show exhibitions. They come with a white or black background and enables you to showcase your best artwork. 

They’re helpful in offices to show previous projects to clients or pictures with inspirational messages. You can also use art display walls at a tradeshow because they’re ideal for attracting clients with compelling imagery. 

After all, trade shows are about standing out and appealing to your audience, so while these walls seem simple in their design, they’re handy. 

Timber Partitions 

Timber is quite a controversial material, and it’s lost popularity in recent years. But there are still a host of benefits to using it for a wall partition. Homes especially look great with timber because it can look modern and provide the traditional appeal people love. 

You can varnish timber, painting it darker colours to create a unique look for the room. 

Things to Consider 

With so many awesome partition wall ideas for your home and office, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are the main points you need to consider. 

Where will the wall be? 

If the wall is for your home, then it’s entirely up to your design preferences. But if it’s for an office, you’ll need to think about your team’s wants and how practical your choice will be. 


Money is always an important consideration, so take your time to work out how much you can – or are willing – spending. Walls for your home can last for a long time, but if you’re using a partition for a trade show or exhibition, then it’s worth considering how much you’ll use the wall before you make a purchase. 

Temporary Walling Solutions have plenty of cost-effective hiring options, and you can customise each partition wall to your preferences – including colour, material, images and anything else.