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Science, Sustainability and Exhibitions

March 11, 2020 /
Conex /
Olympia London Emerging Markets

Throughout the year there are a huge number awareness days and awareness weeks as well as many different exhibitions and industrial trade shows. The month of March is also busy exhibition month and includes British Science Week at the beginning of the month and Global Recycling Day on the 18th March. 

6 Things You Wish To Know


If you have a business and are looking to attend a trade show just for one day or one week, there are many solutions to consider for your stand and with March highlighting science and recycling, business is beginning to consider more and more how to become more sustainable.

It is well known that exhibiting at trade shows and exhibitions has always given a fantastic advantage to a business. Introducing your product or service, meeting new customers, networking with established customers and other businesses is invaluable to any business from the service industry right through to manufacturing. The number of trade shows or exhibitions your business attends is a key factor into what type of trade stand the business would require.

But customers are beginning to look not just at the product or service on offer, but also at the importance of product sustainability, how ethically it is produced and how the impact on our environment is becoming much more relevant in business, and that includes sustainable exhibiting. For those businesses looking for inspiration, support and information around making a sustainable company there is a national event taking place in May 2020.

With March holding exhibitions for science and recycling, scientists are constantly researching and developing solutions for the future to protect, conserve and enhance our natural resources. So how can Conex Exhibitions help with working towards making your business more sustainable when exhibiting? 

When developing your exhibition plan, consider:- 

  • How many exhibitions or trade shows your business will attend
  • How permanent the stand will be
  • Can the stand be reusable 
  • What is needed as part of the exhibition – is it really necessary to have masses of printed media – rethink the use of digital media to capture information as well using a digital display
  • From the floor to the stand – are the flooring and stand constructed of recyclable or sustainable material
  • Use energy efficiency lighting to light up your exhibition or stand 
  • Definitely ditch the single use plastic – find a reusable or recycled alternative 
  • Choose recyclable materials over non recyclable 

The rewards? Well apart from the UK government committing to net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 therefore businesses need to make plans to work toward this; your business will be viewed as a caring, compassionate as well as forward thinking.

For your next exhibition, consider using temporary or reusable walling, and if you need throw light on it,  then energy efficient LED lighting is the way forward. Find suppliers of your marketing materials that offer recyclable or reusable solutions.

From your exhibition flooring and up, there should be sustainable consideration. Science and sustainability – not just exhibitions but working towards protecting our future.