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Shed Some Light on the Matter

February 8, 2020 /
Conex /
Exhibition Lighting Display

Furniture, stand layout, graphics, product displays and brochures can all increase your brand’s presence at a trade show. Of course, these all need to be well planned to be effective, but often overlooked is the lighting in your stand.

Inside a large, brightly lit, exhibition hall, it may seem pointless adding your own lighting. But careful and creative use of lights in and around your display can still be surprisingly effective. A well lit display can improve visitor engagement dramatically and should very much be part of your trade stand planning.

The first thing the delegate’s eye will see will be the product bathed in light from some spotlights, or a cleverly backlit banner. Make sure you are giving your brand’s main message on those focal points, and also ensure they will be tempting to the visitors walking by. If the visitor’s attention isn’t grabbed within a few seconds, they’ll be past without even noticing you.

As we highlighted in our ultimate exhibition checklist, researching your competitors and seeing what is (and isn’t) working for them, can make sure you stand out from them at the exhibition.

What makes effective lighting?


  • Brightness – We are told that people are more relaxed facing a bright wall, where they can easily absorb the information in front of them. Varying the brightness throughout the stand can create interesting focal points and intrigue. 
  • Cubes Or Towers – Internally lit cubes, suspended above the stand, or tall square towers inside the stands will both be extremely eye catching and give your stand an advantage.
  • Reactive Lighting – If the venue has a lot of natural light, the effectiveness of your stand’s lighting will possibly depend on the time of day and the weather. Creating lighting systems which respond to these variations stops the lighting becoming ineffective.
  • Mood Lighting – Use lighting which matches your theme. Sometimes a dark, shadowy area can really suit a product’s style. Decide whether you would like a bright, modern image, or a moodier, dark style.
  • Illuminated Furniture – At Conex, our range of illuminated furniture, plinths and stands are fitted with rechargeable LED lighting. Creating a wow factor with some funky, bright chairs, particularly the ultra modern blob chairs and sofas. Cubes, columns, round plinths, coffee tables and desks can all be illuminated. Consider a fully lit lectern if you plan on delivering presentations.
  • Coloured Lighting – Coloured lighting is another trick for creating a specific mood at your exhibition. Shades of red can make a dramatic impact, whilst subtle, pastel colours can add a calmer, more soothing vibe to the stand’s atmosphere.

There are so many ways in which lighting can compliment your trade stand’s design. The lights themselves can be the focal point and the rest of the stand be created to suit the lights.

With our many years of experience in creating exhibition stands, in all types and sizes of venue, why not get in touch today to see how we can help you create that attention grabbing stand.