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Show off your Artwork with Stunning Art Display Panel Hire options

September 30, 2015 /
Conex /

Showing Off Your Stunning Artwork In Display Panels

Whether you are setting up your own art exhibition or displaying somebody else’s work, for a sleek and professional look, art display panels are a must. Hanging artwork on pristine white temporary walls really shows them off. Though if you want something different, you are free to choose absolutely any background whether it be a plain colour, a company logo or a full length print on the panel. The effects can be exceptional.

There are two different options for showcasing your art.

A gallery wall, which is a temporary wall whereby the panels use an interlocking mechanism which is quick and easy to install and dismantle. Walls can be absolutely seamless too if required. We simply tape the gaps between the walls and paint them white so you get a pristine finish. Once installed, you are free to screw, pin, nail or stick directly on to the panel.

Whether you need a single art display panel or a full temporary gallery installation, size doesn’t matter. What is important is your immaculate finish and the ease of everything being dealt with by us from delivery, installation, dismantling and removal.

Another option to display your art is our art display wall. They too are temporary walls, shorter than the gallery walls at 2.04 metres tall and 920 mm wide, ideal for venues with lower ceiling heights and are a cheaper alternative to gallery walls. Like gallery walls, the art display walls can be pristine white or customised to your hearts content.

From £16 each per week, they are extremely affordable for any type of art exhibiting and what makes hiring art display panels so appealing is the total ease. Everything is done for you. You just need to choose the art to be displayed and prepare to entertain your visitors!