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Spotlight On Art Exhibitions

September 16, 2019 /
Conex /
Spotlight On Art Exhibitions

We’ve all casually wandered around art exhibitions. Sometimes hosted in permanent galleries or very often in a general use building adapted for the occasion. But have we stopped and thought about how the art is displayed?

Exhibiting your art, or showing off other artists in your exhibition, needs to be carefully planned.

Firstly, you need to consider whether to host your own exhibition, or exhibit at a bigger event.

Exhibiting with other artists.

The major advantage of joining other artists at a bigger event is the fact that you won’t be organising anything but your own art. You will either pay a fixed price to rent the space or a commision on any work you sell. Often you will pay a combination of the two.

Exhibiting alongside other artists can mean you are in competition with each other. A more positive outlook is to maximise the opportunity to show your pieces to fans and buyers you might not otherwise have encountered.

The downsides to using a shared space for your exhibition are many, though. You probably won’t have control over your positioning. The mounting boards may not be of a great standard. You’ll be stuck with whatever lighting is provided too.

Creating your own exhibition.

To set up your own exhibition will require patience, determination and a lot of planning. It will give you the opportunity to make your own artistics choice regarding the venue and its ambience. In order to maximise the impact of your art, it is essential to have the best art gallery display walls. Our gallery display walls are perfect for any venue.

There is a lot to think about when planning an art exhibition.

  • Selecting a venue – geographical location is ,of course, important. Far more important is finding a venue which feels right for your art. Consider natural light as well as exhibition lighting, ceiling height and room dimensions.
  • Have a theme – think of a name for the exhibition and work with that theme. Taking the time to think of something quirky and unique will help make your exhibition stand out.
  • Considering renting out some of the space – If costs are a challenge, maybe invite other artists to hire space of you. You’ll be losing some of your costs but keeping artistic control.
  • Set the date – Do some research and avoid clashing with nearby events. Give yourself plenty of weeks to prepare.
  • Book your equipment – Think carefully about the layout, see if you can make a few visits to the venue to absorb the space. Talk to us here at Conex. We have experience of venues of all sizes and shapes. We can work with you to compile an equipment list. We have everything you may need; gallery walls, lighting, furniture and any number of bespoke options.
  • Enjoy the day! – This is your moment. Enjoy showing your talent off and socialising with the visitors. Letting experts like ourselves take the strain out of setting up means you can concentrate on being the great artist you are.

Contact us now for a quote for your art exhibition or just a chat about how we can help.