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What Are The Most Popular Types Of Exhibition?

June 21, 2019 /
Conex /
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While it’s true that exhibitions are popular with different people based on the individual’s profession and/or interests, there is a trend in the most popular types of exhibition formats.


No matter what the theme, for example, sports and fitness, or cookery, of the event, there are generally three types of exhibition:

  • Industry Trade Exhibitions

At these shows, businesses look to connect with other businesses. Manufacturers or service providers, aim to sell to retail outlets or service providers. This trade show is often referred to as serving the Business To Business market (B2B).

  • Consumer Trade Exhibitions

Consumer trade shows offer exhibitors the chance to sell directly to the consumer. This often gives the consumer early access to new products and services being introduced onto the market. It is also an opportunity for businesses to directly measure their consumers’ response to their wares. These shows are known as Business To Consumer (B2C).

  • Trade & Consumer Exhibitions

As the name suggests, these exhibitions allow exhibitors to offer their goods and services to both the general public and other businesses.

In addition to these three types of show or exhibition, there are exhibitions where there may not be anything for sale. Photography or other art exhibitions would fall into this category.

Whatever type of show or exhibition you are attending, here at Conex we offer full packages of support to get your exhibition stand to be the centre of attention. See our range of Temporary Walling for example.

Popular Industry Trade Exhibitions

Trade only shows are essential for networking and marketing for manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment. Commercial catering is big business and competition to supply restaurants, hotels and cruise ships, for example, is fierce. One of the largest B2B catering shows is Commercial Kitchen held annually in London. There are similar if slightly smaller events across the UK.

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Some B2B shows aren’t industry specific. The world of marketing is well served by the enormous B2B Marketing Expo which boasts an audience of over 20,000 senior business executives. If you’re looking to wow such a big audience, be sure to check out our Ultimate Exhibition Checklist.

Popular Customer Trade Exhibitions

One of the longest running exhibitions in the world is The Ideal Home Show. An opportunity for suppliers of everything from orangeries to cushions to show their wares. At such a show it is crucial to let the enormous crowds see your brand at its best. Rest assured that Conex are experts in creating exhibition stands for All Sizes Of Venue.

There are exhibitions for all sorts of industries. Wedding Fairs have become a seriously big business. If your brand can offer any sort of service to the intended couple, then there will be an opportunity nearby to show off your talents.

Trade And Consumer Exhibitions

Many exhibitions and trade fairs open the door to the general public. Sometimes an exhibition will have trade days before letting everyone in.

Leave nothing to chance, use Conex for your next exhibition. Whether just for advice or for a full package, contact us and get ready to stand out from the crowd.