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What Are The World’s Largest Trade Shows?

May 10, 2019 /
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What is a trade show?

A trade show is essentially a gathering of people from a particular industry to showcase, display, demonstrate and discuss their latest services and wares. Exhibitors hope to connect with new clients, deepen existing relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as network with influencers and members of the media in order to build up and strengthen their brand.

Because the aim of a trade show is to bring people involved in, or interested in, the same industry together, the first few days of a trade show can be restricted to just industry members, before throwing open the doors later on to members of the public.

large trade show

Trade shows can be large or small, international or local, they can last an afternoon or a week, taking place in a village hall or a convention centre. The point is, a trade show doesn’t have to be sizeable to make an impact, but boy can the big ones leave a lasting impression.

The size of a trade show can be measured by either square footage of the venue or number of attendees. For example, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas became so large it was too big even for Vegas. With over 160,000 visitors, that was 10,000 more visitors than Vegas could accommodate.

What are the world’s largest trade shows?


The top 10 trade shows based on square footage:

  1. ConExpo-CON/AGG – 2.67 million. Held in Las Vegas, the next International Construction Trade Show will be held March 10-14, 2020.
  2. Consumer Electronics Show – 2.62 million. Also held in Las Vegas, the next one is in 2020.
  3. Atlanta International Gifts & Home Furnishings Market in July – 1.33 million. Held in Atlanta, this one runs 9-15 July, 2019.
  4. Atlanta International Gifts & Home Furnishings Market in January – 1.26 million. The next one is 14-21 January, 2020.
  5. International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition – 1.24 million. The next one is being held in October 2019 at Kentucky Expo Center.
  6. Speciality Equipment Market Association – 1.21 million. Held in Las Vegas, the next show is 5-8 November, 2019
  7. Florida RV Supershow – 1.1 million. January 15-19, 2020, held in Florida State Fairground.
  8. America’s Largest RV Show – 1.06 million. Held annually in Pennsylvania, 11-15 September, 2019.
  9. Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition – 1.06 million. Held in Las Vegas, 22-24 October, 2019.
  10. NAB Show – 1.02 million, April 18-22, 2020 in Las Vegas.

The top trade shows based on attendees:

  1. SEMA 2017 Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association) – 162,756
  2. Consumer Electronics Show – 116,958
  3. CONEXPO-CON/AGG – 92,836
  4. Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market – January – 92,120
  5. Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market – July – 86,871
  6. MAGIC Market Week – 80,560
  7. Mid-America Trucking Show – 72,271
  8. NAB Show – 68,902

The benefits of exhibiting at a large trade show


  • The larger the trade show, the more footfall you can expect to pass your stand, meaning a large pool of potential customers to wade in.
  • The more square footage a trade show has, the more space to exhibit you can realistically expect to be given, which works well for you if you want to create an eye catching, stand out, booth.
  • The larger the trade show the larger the press coverage and if the trade show is relevant for a mainstream audience, you can expect even more coverage on top of what it will ordinarily get.
  • You can elevate the status of your company by showing you are capable of holding your own by exhibiting at a large trade show and enhance your brand image at the same time.
  • Take advantage of the networking opportunities, grow your customer and supplier base and significantly increase your sales too.

To help you get the most out of your exhibition time at the large trade shows, you can rely on the expertise of Temporary Walling System when it comes to creating you the ultimate exhibition stand for your business.