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Tips For Saving Money On Your Trade Stand

January 18, 2020 /
Conex /
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Your Saving Money Tips On Trade Stand

In your enthusiasm to create the most spectacular trade stand, and promote it with all the bells and whistles you can find, it is all too easy to find the cost of attending the exhibition spiralling out of control. 

London Olympia Convention Centre

There are plenty of ways though, with a bit of forward planning and careful use of resources, in which you can bring the costs down. 

  • Recycle

If you have already bought exhibition walling for previous shows, even other products, simply replace the signage and branding, rather than splashing out on a brand new stand. Modular systems come into their own here, you may be able to buy, or hire, a small section to compliment your existing walls.

  • Order In Advance

Working with Conex, as soon as you have a date booked, it is possible to organise the most cost effective way of creating and setting up your stand and eliminate any costs you may not have considered.

  • Barter For Floor Space

If you suspect an exhibition may not be fully subscribed, there may be an opportunity to haggle with the organisers for a better price, or more space for your money. If you are willing to take a chance, wait until the last minute when they are desperate to fill the space.

  • Use Your Own Staff

Specialist agency staff can be very expensive, especially if you leave it late to find staff. Organising your own people, even if they are incentivised, will be a far better option and they will be more likely to have the loyalty to share the story of your brand.

  • Social Media Is Your Friend 

Plan and implement a social media strategy, using free organic reach, to promote your attendance at the exhibition. The organisers will be doing the same, so join in online conversations started by them and use popular hashtags where appropriate. Other exhibitors will also be promoting the event, feel free to jump into their social media conversations too.

  • Use Email Too

Good old email is still very much an effective marketing tool. Use your existing customer base to promote your exhibition attendance. Maybe offer incentives for customers willing to introduce one of their contacts. Consider networking, both in person and electronically, too.

  • Use Budget Options

Transport and accommodation costs can be punishingly expensive if not planned well. Business class travel might be tempting, but ordinary train or coach tickets can be sourced very cheaply if booked in advance. The same goes for hotels, maybe even consider staying a mile or two away from the venue. The closer hotels will more than likely be charging a premium for the location.

Here at Conex we have a wealth of experience in providing the perfect exhibition stand, no matter what the venue or size of trade show.

Get in touch today to see how we can create your perfect trade stand within your budget.