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Top 10 tips for hiring a successful exhibition stand

January 11, 2016 /
Conex /
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At Conex we have had years of experience in setting up the most fantastic looking exhibition stands, from small intimate shows to large professionally organised trade shows at venues such as the Birmingham NEC, Earls Court and Kensington Olympia. Our vast experience working with these venues and understanding all the logistical requirements mean that we can completely take the pressure off your hands. We will deliver, install and take down your exhibition stand whether that may be our exhibition walling, white gallery walling or art display walling. We can make your stand look stunning and professional and add all the necessary elements to do this such as illuminated furniture and stylish lighting. The rest, however, is up to you. So, how do you make sure your exhibition stand is successful?

1 It’s all about looks


Plan exactly how you want your hired exhibition stand to look. Do you want to get creative and add cool elements such as sound, lighting, illuminated furniture, blob coffee tables and curved seating? Or would you like it to look crisp and sharp and professional with white gallery walling and a stand out company logo? Either way, planning is crucial as is giving us your exact detailed brief. Once set up, the person working on the stand needs to look suitably presentable, pleasant and alert and be in a clutter free, professional environment, not standing next to half-drunk coffee cups and sandwich wrappers. Remember the look and feel of your exhibition stand is everything!

2 Step into the visitors shoes

Walk through the venue as a visitor, look at which stands are successful and maybe steal some last minute tips particularly regarding placement of elements. Walk the same route through the show and notice what attracts you first about your stand. Has everything been positioned perfectly to maximise the effect?

3 Make the absolute most of the small space

When hiring an exhibition stand, it is not about big budgets, it is about clever ways to use a small space portraying exactly the right message for your company. We, at Conex have installed the most stunning exhibition stands for as little as £500.

4 Make friends

Talk to the stand owners next to yours. They may not be competitors but they may have a spare power cable or they may be willing to watch your stand whilst you grab a coffee. They may also direct visitors to your stand. They may even be a potential customer themselves! The more buzz you manage to create about your stand the better.

5 Stay alert

Exhibitions can last for a couple of days and the days are long. Have a good night’s sleep the night before and stay alert and pleasant and interested! Your stand and you are representing your business. If you have a choice of employees to run your stand, choose carefully! A lovely pleasant face that isn’t pouncing on every passer-by is very effective when it comes to selling your brand. Also, make sure they know everything there is to know about what you are offering so that they can answer any questions.

6 Follow up

People that show an interest, are prospective customers for the future. Make sure you keep a note of all their details so that you can follow up with a relevant email or newsletter. Perhaps, design an enquiry form that is ready to fill in on the day.

7 Appeal to the senses

Successful marketing is based on offering something to smell, taste, listen to, watch or feel. Use our mix of exhibition walling and accessories such as furniture, lighting and AV solutions to create a completely bespoke exhibition area for you. All our products can be branded to absolutely stunning effect!

8 Give us a clear brief

The more detail that you can give us about what exactly you would like your exhibition stand to do, the better. Also, the type of venue and size of area. If you are hiring at a large well known venue then we will know the size requirements for these, however if you are exhibiting in more of a boutique venue, then we will need clear size guidelines to determine which type of exhibition stand to hire. We have exhibition walling which is perfect to use to build exhibition stands of all sizes and configurations. We have gallery walling which comes painted pristine white and perfect for displaying artwork. We have art display walls that are slightly shorter so perfect for event spaces with lower ceiling heights. We also offer low walls 1m in height and great for creating pathways or low level barriers. Also, on offer are black exhibition walls, curved walls, wipe walls and slat walls. Discuss your requirements with our lovely team and we will know exactly the right type of exhibition walling for you!

9 Arrive early

An ideal exhibiting day will involve getting a good parking space, setting up your exhibition stand without panicking, checking out the position of the loos and coffee and generally making sure you manage to make all the finishing touches that will make your stand really stand out. This can all happen if you arrive early!

10 Shout about it

Once you know that you are going to be exhibiting at a show, shout about it! Add it to your website, upload the branded banners that will be available to you from the main exhibition venues and add an invitation to attend. Include it in the newsletter and generally invite everyone that you interact with through your company.

Finally, good luck and enjoy it!