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Top 10 Tips Setting Up A Professional Art Display with Conex

January 27, 2016 /
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Setting up an art exhibition is your chance to really show off yourself and your artwork. There are so many elements to consider that it can be overwhelming.

We have put together our top 10 tips for setting up a professional looking art display with art display panels.

1] Location Location Location!

Decide on a location that reflects your art and your style. If a crisp clean professional look is your preference then perhaps you could rent an area in an art studio or warehouse and hire art display panels to be installed at the venue. Perhaps a more relaxed affair is your taste, in which case maybe you could hire space in a café, restaurant, library or your home. Our art display panels can be installed anywhere, and better still we can install them for you and then take them down and remove them at the end.

2] Lighting

Some venues may be lovely and dark and atmospheric, yet they won’t show off your artwork perfectly. The setting may be perfect but you need your display to be perfect too. Our bespoke lighting solutions will really show off your artwork to its full potential which can only generate more sales!

3] Decide on the type of panels to use 

At Conex, you have a choice of displaying your art on either gallery walling or art display walls. Art display walls are slightly shorter than gallery walling. They are white paint finished and are slightly more affordable. They are great to use in venues with restricted ceiling height such as cafes or basement bars. The real benefits of hiring art display panels and gallery walling is that you can screw, pin, nail and stick onto our panels, since we give them a complete makeover once we have taken them down for you.

4] Be clever

Instead of just selling your artwork, why not print some of your work onto note cards and sell those at your event? A great way to market yourself and generate an income at the same time.

5] Pimp your panels

If you would like art display wall panels in a different colour to suit the style of your art and venue, then go ahead! We can provide you with an alternative finish from simply a different colour panel to the inclusion of a full length print. For a dark contrasting background why not choose our black art display panels.

6] Advertise

Use your artwork to create postcards which can then be used as invitations to get people to your exhibition. Put up posters in any local art schools, in cafes, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, libraries and universities. Contact local newspapers to ask them to feature your event in their listings section. Tell everyone you meet about it and create a buzz on social media. This is your chance to show off your artwork so get as many people to your exhibition as possible.

7] Walk the walk

Think carefully about how you are setting up your exhibition. Position the display panels in a way that creates a natural walkway through the art. You ideally want people to follow a route through your artwork, so be precise about which art appears first. Walk the route yourself. It might simply be just one row of panels but make the flow work. Or you could make intricate walkways which people can wind their way through. Do all of this before the first person steps foot in the exhibition. Add descriptions to each of your pieces and make the prices visible.

8] Be a great host

Why not save some of your budget to buy some affordable bottles of champagne or prosecco and offer everybody a complimentary glass when they enter the exhibition. You can hire glasses from the main wine merchants. They will enjoy your exhibition and may be that bit more relaxed about parting with their money!

9] Add additional features 

Why not add some cool features to your art exhibition. Add illuminated furniture, illuminated hollow cubes and curved seating, iPad stands, shelves and plinths.

10] Hang well

For a standard artwork hang, your eye level should roughly meet the middle of the picture. By using one nail, it will ensure that your piece of art hangs straight and can be slightly tweaked if necessary. Don’t forget, you can nail our art display panels to your hearts’ delight since we will restore them once we have collected them.