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Top tips for successful New Year trade show displays

December 14, 2016 /
Conex /

Whatever business you run, you’ll undoubtedly be looking to make a good impression at trade show displays.

Trade show displays allow businesses to showcase their products and/ or service to potential clients in a professional atmosphere, and stand out amongst competitors.

That said, it is highly important to think carefully about how you will make your trade show display successful. After all, it is expensive to have a position at a trade show and you want to entice potential customers in, rather than encourage them to move on to another stand.

Conex are highly-skilled in providing temporary walling systems for trade show displays and have experienced numerous exhibitions. Therefore, we have expertise in creating successful trade show displays.

Prepare for 2017 with the following top tips from Conex for creating the most successful New Year trade show displays.

Display Your Message Clearly

Without your business’ message displayed clearly (to the near and far!) on your trade show display, your stand will fail in its intention to promote your business and make it known to the relevant audience.

Ultimately, you should make sure you have displayed your brand’s message clearly throughout the whole display, so that it can be seen from anywhere in the exhibition room.

Bright colours and bright lighting

Bright colours and bright lighting work brilliantly together to entice potential customers to your trade show display and make your stand an interesting port of call in an exhibition room.

Illuminous Furniture

Illuminous furniture is a fantastic talking point of many exhibition stands and is highly effective in darker, interior settings.

Illuminous furniture makes a brilliant addition to an exhibition that is happening in the winter months of 2017, as this tends to be when lighting and luminous objects are most appreciated.

Be engaging and interested

As well as making the stand itself a point of interest, you should be approachable to passers-by and get people engaged in your conversation and your product.

Standing statically and staring at people, without initiating conversation, is a sure-fire way to turn people away from your stand.

Create a little competition

You could create a fun, product-themed competition to get people heading to your stand. For example, if you were selling sweets, you could create a competition where participants could guess the amount of sweets in a large jar. The winner (the person with the closest guess to the correct amount of sweets) receives the jar itself, a voucher to the store or another complimentary product.

How can Conex help your business in 2017?

If you are planning a trade show display for 2017 and would like to speak to Conex about the products we have available, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!