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Trade show booth ideas for small budgets

May 10, 2017 /
Conex /
Exhibition Walling

No matter what product your business is selling or service it is providing, it is important, for any business, to stand out from other company’s trade show booths at trade shows.

And, for larger companies with a seemingly endless budget, it can seem like a much easier task to create an exhibition booth that stands out, while smaller companies, who must be vigilant and strict with expenses must think hard about what will really give them that competitive edge on a tight budget.

Therefore, if you are wondering about trade show booth ideas for small budgets, take a look at the following tips from Conex.

Recycle your decorations

The decorative features of a trade show booth can be handmade to, firstly, add appeal to your trade show booth and, secondly, get people talking about your business.

Some handmade decorative features may include: Homemade bunting, handmade labels, self-made candles, edible treats and more.

Opt for temporary walling

Temporary walling offers the perfect solution when your company does not have the budget to own their own trade show booth, and perhaps does not have space to house one.

Create a competition

A fun competition at your trade show booth is a sure-fire way to get potential customers to visit your trade show stand.

Ideally, the competition will be directly related to your product or service, and will encourage a range of potential customers to get involved.

One example of a competition would be comparing two sweet jars and getting competitors to guess which one contains more sweets.

A second competition idea would be to guess the number of pennies in the jar. The winner, in this case, would win a cash equivalent of the penny jar.

Take the right products

If you are a big enough business to have a range of products but don’t have a big enough budget for a bigger display booth to present them all, you should really consider which products to take to the exhibition and how you can present them in the most exciting way possible.

Represent your business

It is important that you, or whoever is working at your temporary booth, takes advantage of that time to represent the brand confidently.

Get a clear picture in your mind about how you should behave and approach customers in order to really portray the brand feeling you want to display.

Can we help with anything here at Conex?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Conex if you think we can help with any other aspects of your trade show booth.