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Wall Panel Ideas and Trends for 2023

February 14, 2023 /
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Wall Panel Ideas

After the pandemic years, trade shows are slowly returning and visitors are flocking to see what’s new in the world of exhibitions. So, you might be wondering what the answer is yourself!

Wall panel displays are a great way to showcase trends in trade show design, so we’re here to share the latest and greatest ideas for 2023. Whether you’re looking for more sales or to simply stick in the mind, a wall panel display is a great way to attract attention.

Let’s take a look at some of the top trends for wall panels in 2023.


Climate change is at the top of the agenda for governments and businesses, so it’s only natural we’ll see more environmentally friendly wall panels in 2023. Given that the US has already set the path in motion to make trade shows more environmentally friendly, it’s best to get ahead by implementing sustainable practices.

Recycled and low-emission materials, renewable energy sources and reusable designs will be the aim of the game going forward. We’re even seeing mycelium, or mushrooms, being used as packaging materials – so it’s not long until this hits trade shows and wall panel designs.

Whatever you decide on, aim for sustainability to stay ahead of customer expectations and legislation.

Interactive elements

Anything that makes a wall panel for a trade show memorable and stand out from the crowd is a good thing – and interactive elements make this much easier to draw crowds.

Whether it’s a built-in screen on the wall panels, motion sensors that change the display or VR, there’s a wealth of different options for digital interactivity to draw a crowd.

You don’t always need to go digital, either. Live demonstrations and talks with special guests are a great way to introduce an interactive element to the display. Wall panels will only enhance the experience.

QR codes

Since hitting the market a few years back, QR codes have become a brilliant way to share information with customers while remaining eco-friendly. QR codes can direct potential customers directly to your website, products or campaigns as needed.

You can incorporate QR codes into your wall panels by having them in obvious places or by leaving hidden codes throughout the display for fun Easter eggs to do with your brand. However you utilise them, QR codes are here to stay.


Going into 2023, expect an experience-led approach for trade show displays that leaves a lasting impression. This more premium feel that engages the senses will have more impact than a run-of-the-mill wall panel.

Another element to this is adding in hangout or networking spaces. These lounge areas are great for resting, chatting with potential customers and giving visitors a chance to associate your brand with a luxe and high-end experience.

Immersive designs, interactive elements and a strong story to tell will all unite to create a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors. People want a show, so expect this style of wall panel and display to do well.

Virtual reality

VR is a brilliant new way to engage potential customers and give them a display they won’t forget. Wall panels that focus on gaming elements or VR personalisation will be big for 2023.

Gamification has grown massively in popularity recently, so any wall displays that can be used for VR to introduce competitive score-based games among visitors will be a big draw.

You can use VR to create immersive and engaging stories that help visitors connect with your brand and products. Smartphones and tablets can be used to interact with the wall panels to create a completely customised experience for users – what’s not to love?

Customers are key

We’re facing tough economic times, so the competition will be hotter and trade shows will work harder to secure customer buy-in.

Wall panels and displays that truly focus on the customer’s needs will be the ones that set themselves apart from the crowd.


There’s an endless amount of data at our fingertips, and any good trade show exhibitor will use this to their advantage. This could influence wall panel designs and create more effective displays, tailored to the customer.

Data could be used to show relevant products and services to a particular person based on their inputted preferences. Another use case is determining the best place to integrate interactive elements into a wall display based on previous customer feedback. Using data is power these days – and a competitive advantage will mean a lot.

Artificial intelligence

AI is everywhere, so expect the latest AI tech to soon hit the exhibition circuits. For wall panels, AI-generated art can be incorporated into displays, while ChatGPT can be used to generate captions and marketing text when used cleverly.

We could also begin to see AI used for interactive wall panels as well. Machine learning could be used to generate interactive content like simulations and animations based on what the customer inputs.

The possibilities are endless for AI in exhibitions, so watch this space.

Social media backgrounds

Expect to find wall panels at exhibitions that are all about the aesthetic of social media. This trend will be particularly pertinent in industries where Instagram and TikTok can make or break a business, like beauty and retail.

So for trade shows, getting their displays on social media will be the recipe for success. As a result, we’ll see a lot more focus on design-led wall panels with the hopes of being the ‘it spot’ for photos.

Hybrid events

In this new hybrid-working world, trade shows and therefore wall panels will need to adapt to keep up with the times. Wall panels that can integrate some sort of live and online element will be popular going into 2023, so hybrid audiences can get involved.

Going online for a trade show could save money, strengthen the brand’s online presence and use your social media channels to engage with new customers.

Final thoughts

From QR codes to virtual reality, the possibilities for creating an engaging and memorable experience are endless. We predict these trends will be big for the year – but ultimately, the best wall panel display is the one people remember.

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