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What Are Hybrid Wall Systems and Why Should You Use Them?

November 10, 2020 /
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Exhibition Walling System

Company exhibitions are the best way to increase your exposure at trade shows. But there are many advantages to exhibition wall displays, especially if you know how to use them correctly. A common concern among businesses is how to create an exciting display that showcases their products or services. 

In this post, we’re going to discuss the various walling solutions and reveal why it’s an excellent option to combine them at your trade show or product launch party.

What Is a Hybrid Wall? 

When a company makes an appearance at a trade show, it creates a wall or exhibition stand to showcase products and improve brand awareness. 

The walling system is the best way to create an eye-catching display, but many businesses prefer to use a variety of wall systems because they offer more options. 

To understand the benefits of combing exhibition walling, we need to look at the types of temporary walling systems that are available. 

Wall Panels

The traditional type of exhibition walling is wall panels. They’re often made out of flame-retardant MDF and offer flexibility for companies to put together a display. Wall panels are versatile and easy to arrange, so for many businesses, they’re an ideal solution. 

Gallery Walls 

If you want to display photographs at an event, you’ll need a gallery wall. Most buildings have strict rules about hanging photos, but a temporary gallery wall gives you the flexibility to display artwork. 

Art Display Walls 

An art display wall is similar to gallery walls, but they’re smaller in height. If you have important information to display but don’t want to overshadow the rest of your artwork and products, then these walls are ideal for you. 

Low Walls & Black Walls 

Again, low walls are a lot smaller than gallery or art walls, but they’re great for displaying your company logo or slogan. Black walls can create a dramatic impression on an audience, especially if they display images with a white background. 

Plasma Panel Walls 

Plasma panel walls are so important because they enable companies to incorporate a TV screen in their displays. This can be useful when you need to show a presentation and they automatically attract the attention of your audience. 

While all of these walling systems have their benefits, choosing one specific type means you’ll miss out on creating a display that incorporates your branding, photographs and presentations. 

The Importance of Hybrid Walling Systems 

According to the Event Manager Blog, trade shows are one of the top three ways consumers research a business and its products. As you can imagine, making the right impression at events is crucial to your growth as a company – especially if you operate within the B2B sector. 

Here’s why you should use a variety of walls to create a strong impression at your event. 

More Choice 

When you limit yourself to one type of walling system, you lose a lot of creative freedom. But combining them means you can bring your vision to life. In some cases, you might want to incorporate a plasma screen or use fabric walls. 

Whatever you want to do with your exhibition display, there are plenty of options available. Other businesses will be out to impress, so combining walling types gives you a chance to stand out against the competition. 


There might be a time when you want to include a plasma screen in your display but lack the equipment to do so. While some companies will try to find a solution, others think about the impression they’re trying to make with consumers that want to know more about them. 

Instead of trying to fit your display features to one type of wall, you can choose walls that fit your features. It makes it a lot easier to design your exhibition stand and your team can put it together with minimal interruptions. 

Making the Right Impression 

Trade shows are fantastic opportunities for businesses to shine, but the problem is, other companies know that too! It’s so difficult to stand out and there will be plenty of competition at every show you visit. 

If you want to stand out, then you have to consider what your competitors will be doing and then do it better. The reality is a simple wall with a printed logo of your company won’t make the right impression. 

People visit trade shows to learn more about a company and what makes it special. Leaving your audience with a positive experience and impression means you could generate more business. 

Better Design Features

If you’re a regular at trade shows, then you’ll know all about the box design. It consists of walls, set out to form a square. The idea is, it gives your company a distinctive space – but it’s also very boring. If everyone’s doing the same, you can go one (or five) better and do something different. 

For example, instead of using three exhibition walls, you could combine them with low walls. Or you could combine black walls with white walls to make your marketing materials stand out. 7

When you offer something unique, people will naturally gravitate to your exhibition. Practical displays don’t have to be dull, as long as you use some creative inspiration. 

Lighting Options 

One of the best ways to draw attention to your display is by using specialist lighting. It looks especially attractive for artistic displays and makes you stand out. But when you use a variety of walling systems, you can maximise the impact of your lighting. 

Using low walls to point your lighting directly up at your artwork, or illuminating your slogan and merchandise are all great ways to do something different. 

The Bottom Line 

There’s so much you can do with your exhibition display, but many companies fall short. When thinking about the costs of combining your walling systems, remember that a short-term investment can yield long-term financial rewards. 

If you’d like to know more about our selection of walling systems and the prices we offer, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today.