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What Are The 6 Elements Of Visual Marketing?

May 30, 2019 /
Conex /
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Thrill all of your customers’ senses. We’ve compiled our top merchandising tips to grab maximum attention and, of course, sales at your next event.

You’re excited to be off to an exhibition, or event, and can’t wait to display your brand’s amazing offerings to the world.

Here at Conex, we have years of experience in supporting customers through their event merchandising plans. We can hire you exhibition stalls and pop-up shops to take the worry out of building your stand.

Planning your visual merchandising before heading off will avoid wasted time and creative energy once you start building your display. Think about these six key elements to your merchandising to give your customers the very best experience.

  1. Theme

Are you presenting as a futuristic, state of the art, interactive, technology-driven brand? Or will you go for a comfortable, homely feel? Whatever creative ideas you have, be consistent and let all of the elements flow through your brand’s story.

  1. Colour

Even subtle changes in colour schemes could change the mood in your stand or store. If your brand’s product has a really strong colour, then let that dominate. Find colours which work well together. Use a colour wheel to find a group of colours which work best for you.

  1. Light

We understand lighting at Conex. We have a vast knowledge of how your own lighting might be affected by the venue’s lighting. See our lighting options and get in touch for the highest quality advice. Use accent lights to ensure key products are stars of the show. Make sure that none of your shelves aren’t lost in shadows.

  1. Simplicity

It’s not just a cliche, less really can be more. Avoid really busy displays or shelving. Leave some space around products or displays which you’d like visitors to focus on. Keep piles of literature or cards to a minimum, they can soon become clutter as they are disturbed. If something is easy to enjoy visually, it’s more likely to be easy to buy too.

  1. Balance

Not every single item in your exhibition stand or store can be the focal point. Choose single items in each area, or on each shelf and aim to centre that. Using shapes and sizes, you can landscape displays so that the eye naturally flows around your space.

  1. Individuality

Our last key element for your own visual marketing isyou. Let your own personality show itself in your displays. Maybe incorporate personal items into the visual story. If your brand has been a labour of love to reach where you are now, let your imagery tell that story. Give your potential customers a personal, honest and human element to their experience.

Whatever your needs for merchandising, a call to Conex could ease your worries. We have the expertise and the products to make your visual merchandising work perfectly for you.