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What is Pressurized Walling?

March 22, 2018 /
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Here at Conex Exhibitions, we are experts in temporary walling for exhibitions and offer high-quality temporary walling for various businesses.

From hanging your art to displaying your business products and services, whatever the reason for your exhibition, we have got the right temporary walling for you.

As temporary walling experts, we are often asked the question: What is pressurized walling?

In this blog post, therefore, we share our knowledge of pressurized walling and consider how it differs from temporary exhibition walling.

Pressurized walling is temporary walling but is not used for exhibitions

In order to clear up any confusion about pressurized walling, pressurized walls are different from the temporary walls we use in exhibitions.

In actual fact, pressurized walls are temporary walls used in construction and are useful for dividing one large room into two. Pressurized walls are built using 6mm x 16mm plasterboard, and 5 x 7cm metal, compounded and plastered to form a temporary wall. They are named ‘pressurized’ walls because their interior pushes against the walls and ceiling around them in order to keep them up.

Over the years, these temporary walls have become sturdier and can be used fairly often in homes and offices, most of all in the United States.

Perfect for dividing a room non-permanently

Pressurized walls are extremely popular amongst property owners who want to divide a room temporarily, perhaps due to renting out their home or house-sharing for a while. After all, when the walls are taken down, they leave little affect on the property.

Customizable pressurized walls

The great thing about pressurized walls for property owners is how they can be customized to suit your situation precisely.

Choose from an installation of French or bi-fold doors, sound-proof walls and more.

Affordable walling

Pressurized walling offers the advantage of being removeable and also cheaper than solid walls.

Temporary exhibition walling for partitioning your exhibitions and office space

Here at Conex Exhibitions, we offer temporary walling solutions that can be used similarly to pressurized walling in your office or exhibition.

We offer a range of temporary walls, including partition walls, that can be used as part of your exhibition.

Some temporary walling partition ideas

If you are dividing your exhibition with a partition wall, you could:

  • Include a bookcase as part of your partition wall
  • Show a video on a screen on your partition
  • Use the partition wall as the main decorative wall

Browse the temporary walling ideas from Conex Temporary Walling Systems

Please browse our website to find the most suitable walls for your exhibition. In addition, you can contact us for more information.