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Why Black Temporary Walling Is Better

July 24, 2015 /
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Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitionist or new, consider using black temporary walling for your next stand, there are several scientific reasons that make black better than white, one is the contrast and strain white has on your eyes. Next time when using your computer, try changing your desktop colour to a plain black and see how much easier it feels on your eyes; this also holds true for walls at exhibitions or galleries.

You may have not even known that black temporary walling was available to hire, here are a few reasons why you should consider using black instead of white next time at your exhibition.

When using coloured lights or illuminated furniture, black walling creates a much more defined image, black is not only softer on the eyes, it also does a better job of bringing out the colour of lights where white walls tend to blend lights meaning they’re not as clear.

By using black exhibition walling with coloured lights, you can literally shine a light on products without too much interference from the buildings natural or built-in lightning.

If you’re hosting a fashion show or displaying clothes, black really helps the eye concentrate on the product much like you do when looking at the moon.

It also helps with reading.

Try changing your tablet to a black background with white text next time you read documentation and see the difference it makes, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to read, this is the same for your companies name and product labels at your exhibition stand.

There is plenty of science behind the eye, and black certainly trumps white when it comes to walling. Depending on your companies image, you may want to stay with white; but considering the alternative and benefits it certainly is worth trying and experiencing the difference for yourself.