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Why Flooring Choice Can Make Or Break An Exhibition

October 24, 2019 /
Conex /
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How long do people take to decide on the ideal flooring for their home? There are so many considerations, it can be tricky to reach a final decision. The same care should definitely be taken when considering flooring options for an exhibition stand.

You may have perfected your exhibition design, but neglecting to consider how the stand’s flooring will work could ruin the overall image.

What to consider when choosing exhibition flooring.

Colour – Don’t simply go for neutral. Continue your brand’s colour scheme all the way to the floor. Don’t discount bright colours or going for a contrast. The whole colourscape of your stand should represent your business. Visitors will know they are in your brand’s world when they step in.

Graphics –  Potentially, you could go even further and continue your brand’s graphics across the floor. All flooring can be made bespoke if you feel it would enhance your impact. With careful planning, images can seamlessly cross the floor and climb the walls.

Lighting –  Having illuminated flooring creates even more options for your exhibition stand. Particular colours can be made focal points. Visitors can follow paths created by lighting patterns. Floor lighting is also great for illuminating from the bottom when your displays are floor standing.

Texture – Definitely consider carpet when choosing your flooring. Do you want your visitors to feel they are sinking into a soft welcoming environment? Alternatively, the echo and industrial feel of a metal floor might compliment your brand. Wooden flooring is always an option too. It is possible to create an outdoor feel with the use of something like astro turf.

Location – Where abouts is your stand within the venue? Check out the stands around you and research their brand’s colour schemes. You can try and stand out from your exhibition neighbours rather than blend into them. Also consider the venue itself. Has the exhibition hall got a bright coloured flooring? Is it soft, wooden or carpet?

Use Technology – As AI (artificial intelligence) becomes more accessible, the potential for your exhibition stand will be limited only by your own imagination. Interactive floor graphics could learn to respond to actions on visitors’ mobile devices as they engage with your brand. 

Create Different Zones – Using some, or all, of the above in combination with each other can create an impressive effect. Different colours or textures could be used to create different zones within your stand. You might want one area for greeting potential customers and another for letting visitors try out your products, but do not want to erect walls.

Whatever the objective of your exhibition, the flooring decisions you make could help your brand meet, or exceed, those goals.

Here at Conex, we have a wealth of experience in providing exhibition flooring. We can cater for small, pop-up shops or for whole exhibitions. Get in touch to discover how we can create the perfect flooring effect for your exhibition.