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Why Hired Exhibition Walling Is Better Than DIY Art Display Stands

September 26, 2018 /
Conex /
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If you want to give a professional impression at the next exhibition your business attends, you’re much better off opting for hired exhibition walling rather than making your own art display stands.

Why? Hired exhibition walling looks better! Simple as that!

While there are, of course, advantages to making your own DIY art display stands, like budget and logistics, the professional image provided by hired art display panels is far superior to any that you can make yourself.

Portable display wall panels are more portable (and popular!) than ever.

Portable exhibition walling is the favoured choice of exhibition walls over DIY alternatives.

So why exactly are portable walls better? What are the advantages of hiring portable exhibition walling over DIY alternatives?

5 reasons why hiring exhibition walling is best


  1. Hiring exhibition walls offers an improved professional impression


Even when you know how to make display panels for art shows, hired exhibition walling tends to have a neater, much better finish in comparison to homemade display stands.

Potential customers are far more likely to be impressed by hired exhibition walling.


  1. Hiring exhibition walling is less time consuming than DIY alternatives

While DIY art exhibition walling can save in terms of budget, since there is no need to pay for the hiring of the walls, you still need to buy the materials. DIY walls are time consuming to make.


If you think of the time it would take for an employee to make a DIY temporary wall, you’d probably SAVE money hiring the walling instead, particularly if it is just for one day!


  1. Hiring exhibition walling offers the whole package

You can have professional installers help you put up your exhibition walling. This means that you’ll have time to focus on other elements of your exhibition and don’t need to worry at all about issues with the set-up behind it.


  1. Hire accessories for your exhibition alongside the walling

You can hire other exhibition features alongside your temporary walling including illuminated furniture, lighting and floors.


  1. Exhibition walling companies have experience in working in the major venues

Exhibition walling companies, especially Conex, have plenty of experience working in the major venues. We can help businesses navigate and take confidence at large exhibitions!

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