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Why Slatwalls Are The Complete Solution For Your Business Needs

January 26, 2021 /
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Slatwall panel

Creating an exhibition for your trade show can be a daunting task, and it’s the same with finding practical solutions for your office and shop needs. While most business owners love tackling the creative problems that help grow their business, many forget about the functional elements that keep it running.

Slatwall panels should be regarded as a comprehensive solution for trade shows, shops and office spaces. But why consider using slatwall? Before we answer that question, let’s find out what they are. 

What Is Slatwall?

Slatwall is one of the most innovative fitting solutions available. It was invented in the 1960s and is still around today because it’s so beneficial for businesses. The original idea was to create a solution for organising goods without extensive building work. 

Slatwall is made from constructed wood panels that fix to your existing walls. They come in both freestanding forms and full walling solutions, depending on your needs. Horizontal slats can hold shelves, bins and hooks, which are ideal for storing promotional tools or merchandise. 

The best forms of slatwall will have aluminium reinforcements, which improves the strength and stability of the slatwall. If you’re planning to hold heavy items, then it’s best to use reinforced slatwall panels. 

The Benefits of Using Slatwall

There are many benefits to using slatwall. Let’s take a look at them now. 

Slatwall Suits a Range of Purposes 

Perhaps the most significant advantage of slatwall is its versatility. You can use it for trade shows, exhibitions and even in your home. 


Retail is one of the primary industries that use slatwall because it enables store owners to use space wisely. Customers don’t want to visit a cluttered shop, and they especially won’t want to buy anything if your stock is strewn all about the place. Luckily, slatwall can organise your items and provides your customers with a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. 


For most businesses, tradeshows present the perfect opportunity to increase their customer base and gain valuable new contacts without spending a fortune on advertising. The biggest issue small business owners have is making the right impression at an exhibition. 

Using slatwall means you can display all of your marketing and samples in an organised manner. It’s also important to mention that slats can hold a range of collateral, and make your exhibition stand out.


If you’ve visited DIY stores, then you’ll be familiar with slatwall, but it can also be beneficial for your home. The best place you can use it is in your garage. Slatwall is ideal for holding large items, and it also helps to avoid accidents. 


If you work in a busy office, you’ll know all too well how clutter can become overwhelming. But slatwalls can help you develop more space and create an office environment that people want to work in. 

Slatwall Panels Are Durable 

Durability is such an essential factor when making any purchase. The fact is, most people are on a strict budget and can’t afford to spend money on a range of organisation solutions. Whether you choose to rent or buy panels, it’s still cost-effective to other walling systems. 

Most slatwall types are made from fibreboard or MDF and have inserts to make them last longer. If you invest in panels with reinforced aluminium, you’ll be able to display heavy items and have peace of mind that your organised space will meet health and safety regulations. 

Aesthetic Appeal

The aesthetic appeal of a store is central to its success, and it’s precisely the same with trade shows. Slatwall panels come in a range of colours and designs to suit your company branding. If you’re attending a trade show, it’s essential to make sure that your exhibition stand complements your brand identity, and using slatwall panels will help you achieve that. 

Slatwall also improves your shop or exhibition organisation, meaning visitors will be able to find the things they need quickly and form a positive impression of your company. 

Ideal For Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops are a fantastic way to reach a broader audience and improve your brands reach. They involve opening a shop to sell new products which most often coincides with a new fad. 

One of the biggest advantages of pop up shops is that new businesses can promote themselves with little money. You don’t need a large budget to start a pop-up store, but you need to organise it correctly. 

Slatwall panels are beneficial because they’re very portable and you can customise them to suit your needs. Whether you’re advertising clothing or bulky items, there are slatwall accessories available to suit your needs. 

They’re a Unique Solution

All too often we see cluttered exhibition stands that don’t embody professionalism. Slatwall panels offer a unique solution to small businesses because they create more space for your exhibition. 

Imagine a bold graphic display as the backdrop for your exhibition stand with your promotional material on slatwall solutions. People get to take in your company and see what makes you unique. 

You can also customise the panels to advertise your new products by selecting colours that complement them. 

Things to Consider 

With so many temporary walling providers offering premium slatwalls, there are some key factors to consider before you make a final decision. 

How Many Do You Need? 

Retailers usually need more slatwall panels than businesses that use them at tradeshows, but while shops can source panels as and when they’re needed, it’s difficult to find more when you’re at a tradeshow. 

Which Accessories Will You Require? 

As mentioned before, slatwall panels can utilise hooks, shelves and bins, so it’s crucial to figure out which accessories you’ll need before making a final purchase. 

Final Thought 

Remember, every retail space and exhibition stand is unique in its needs and purposes. Sit down to assess yours and think about how you can create a strong impression that resonates with your target audience. 

Slatwall panels offer a practical solution for various businesses, but they also turn a dull environment into a unique opportunity to build something memorable.