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Why the best exhibition stands needn’t be bespoke

December 23, 2017 /
Conex /
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When it comes to building your exhibition stand, many people are of the opinion that bespoke is best. However, this is not always the case!

Some businesses may be far better off with a pop-up shop or day hire, for example, particularly if the duration of the exhibition is short. That way, they’ll save money and still put on a high-quality exhibition.

Here at Conex Exhibitions, we have a range of temporary walls available for hire, suitable for any business. What’s more, you can make the exhibition stands your own by customising them as you wish.

Our range of exhibition stands can be delivered quickly and efficiently, and designed exactly how you would like them.

Personalise your exhibition stand

Rather than ordering a bespoke exhibition stand, why not order a budget-friendly exhibition stand and make it your own?

You can include various decorative features, as well as your brand logo and marketing to make your stand really stand out from the crowd.

Other ways to make your exhibition stand out from the crowd

You don’t have to pay over the odds for a bespoke exhibition stand to make sure your display stands out from the rest.

Instead, why not opt for some illuminated furniture or some unique flooring? That way, you are sure to turn heads in any exhibition.

Our favourite? Glittery flooring! Make your exhibition sparkle with some glitzy flooring and that way people are bound to stop at your stand for some glamour!

What’s more, a few pieces of illuminated furniture usually go down well too, particularly at exhibitions with a darker venue.


Create a digital image

In a world which is ever expanding with regards to technology, featuring a digital screen amongst your exhibition could indeed turn a few heads.

Why not create a short movie to display to passers-by? Perhaps it could give them an overview of your company and what you do?

You could also include various photos behind-the-scenes of your company, and play music visitor to the exhibition may enjoy.

Contact us at Conex Temporary Walling Systems

If you would like to find out more about the temporary walling from Conex exhibitions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help.