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Why You Should Pop-Up A Shop

July 27, 2015 /
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In the know with pop-up shops

Pop-Up Shops are a relatively new phenomenon in the UK but they first appeared in the US around 1997. Pop-up shops or Pop-up stores take the form of a small shop that open for a limited time, they sell anything from food to DIY products and can offer special deals for a day or even a few hours. Typically Pop-up shops take advantage of seasonal sales cycles such as Christmas and the summer holiday period.

The point of a Pop-Up Shop is to create a credible retail space for a limited period; hopefully this brings in extra revenue, increases your client base, and leaves a good impression with customers. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, a Pop-Up Shop can be designed specifically for the product or service you are selling. Pop-up shops tend to focus on a few niche products as opposed to traditional shop environments, which offer a diverse, but sometimes diluted line of products.

Being low cost enables all business big or small to partake in the trend, and walking into a shop and seeing the products face-to-face has recently been proven to be more effective than internet browsing, the study finds people are checking online, but buying the product in the shop, which may sound counterproductive, but when it comes a psychological standpoint touching and seeing the product for yourself will always be better than an image online.

Knowing the pop-up shop won’t last is a great advantage to you and triggers thoughts of urgency making sales more likely. Seeing something you like, but knowing it may not be there tomorrow, makes one think twice about not buying something now rather than later. ‘Limited Time Only’ strikes frenzy in the hearts of buyers and makes their choice of purchasing products much easier.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a bargain and that’s why I will always try to haggle, which isn’t something you normally see in a typical shopping or retail environment, but pop-up shops have their own set of rules making haggling a possibility. Some people tend to wait close to the end of the day in hopes of the shopkeeper becoming desperate to sell the remainder of the goods by offering massive discounts. Keep in mind, big named brands won’t allow haggling; sometimes you need to be in the right place at the right time to get a bargain.