Exhibition Panels Configurations

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Exhibition Display Panels Configuration

Design exhibition panels configurations to create exhibition display stands for your next presentation, conference or exhibition. We offer various bespoke exhibition panels in a range of shapes, such as F, H, T, L, W, X, Z in addition to straight-line configurations.

From straight to curved, to zigzag, our exhibition panels configurations can be linked to form remarkable walled backdrops or complete island stands and sweeping Z or W-shaped displays using combinations of pop up stands.

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Setting Up Exhibition Panels

Exhibition walling can help you make a real impact at your next event and enhance your marketing efforts. Our temporary walling exhibition panels configurations are transportable and simple to set up making them incredibly popular promotional displays at trade shows, exhibitions as well as in retail spaces.

Setting up exhibition panels is easy, with the added benefit that structures are sectional and different configurations can be broken down into petite, separate frameworks, if necessary, and can be effortlessly re-configured in shape and size for future shows.

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About Our Configurations

As mentioned above, we supply various configurations. Here’s a bit more information about some of the structures we offer:

L configurations. Linear, direct and functional. Especially effective when fitted into corners and also useful to help indicate circulation routes within a space.

X configurations. Big, bold and practical – perfect for large open spaces, successfully creating four very separate display areas.

Still unsure of which panel configuration to choose? Speak to our customer services team about stand configurations for your next event by calling 07742957684 or 0121 259 0158. Our stands can even include lighting and AVgraphics and effects as well as additional extras like ropes, poles, walling feet, doorways and more.

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