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Giant Dry Wipe Boards

Dry Wipe Boards Panels

2400mm x 1100mm x 80mm
£110 each per week

Did you ever write on the walls when you were a child? It most likely got you into a bit of bother, right? With our ultra large wipe walls, it’s encouraged! One of our best-selling products, our dry wipe walls are oh-so-versatile – their uses are plentiful and varied.

Hire Giant Dry Wipe Boards

A must in office environments, classrooms, hospitals, kitchens, training rooms or even a teen’s bedroom, our large white boards measure in at 2.4 metres high with a width of 1 metre. They really are the ultimate solutions for those times when you need to make notes but don’t want the nuisance of flimsy (and often easy-to-lose) flip chart pads or post-it notes.

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